FunDo men have a hormonal cycle like women?

Do men have a hormonal cycle like women?

Can it be said that men have a menstrual cycle similar to that of women (apart from the absence of blood)? If by cycle we mean monthly hormonal fluctuations, the answer is no, but testosterone does come into check, which could be the one that marks the hormonal cycle of men, so we explain in more detail what science says about it .

What is the hormonal cycle of men and how does it work?

We cannot say that a man has a hormonal cycle like the one that occurs with women and their ovulation every month, but it is clear that hormones also affect men and in fact, they experience diurnal fluctuations in the main male hormone, the testosterone . Its levels peak in the early hours of the morning (hence the morning erections and high levels of vitality and energy) to gradually decrease during the day, and reach a minimum at night.

On the other hand, physical and sexual activity can cause temporary hormonal spikes in men . In addition, stress and diseases such as cancer and diabetes cause falls during the day as the body must conserve energy that it cannot expend on the production of sperm.

Influence of the change of season

Other research shows that testorena in man is also subject to seasonal fluctuations . In countries with long light or dark cycles, such as Denmark and Norway, testosterone levels appear to decline in summer and peak in late fall.

Other conditions, such as poor sleep, eating disorders, and advanced age , are linked to lower hormone levels and irregularities in this already complex cycle.

What are the symptoms in the male hormonal cycle?

As we can see, testosterone levels can vary depending on several factors, but the truth is that they can also be marked by some symptoms that men experience throughout the day.

We are not referring only to the aforementioned erection that many men have when they get up, but also to symptoms that could even be compared to those that women have while they are in their hormonal cycle, since this hormone directly affects the central nervous system, nucleus of our emotions and perceptions. Among them, for example , anguish, decreased libido, emotional hypersensitivity, frustration, irritation or guilt stand out .

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