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Do we earn more or less salary based on our weight?

Slender women earn more than those who are overweight . This is deduced from a study carried out at the University of Florida (USA) and published in the Journal of Applied Psychology that reveals that very thin women earn an average of $ 3,981 more per year than those of average weight . Those who are overweight earn $ 1,848 less than the latter, which represents a salary difference between the thinnest and the most obese of close to $ 6,000 per year.

The relationship between weight and salary in men is different. Those who earn the most are men with a normal average weight. Both being thin and being overweight imply charging less at the end of the month, although in this case being very thin is a "penalty" up to 28 times greater than being obese, according to the study.

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According to Gabriel Yorio, Undersecretary of Finance, the amount is in line with the goal of maintaining debt as a percentage of GDP in a constant and stable manner.

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The second largest economy in the world grew 3.9% between last July and September, a figure higher than the 0.4% increase in the previous three months.

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We can be certain that the decisions that have already been made, since the increases in interest rates began, will soon make a dent in price levels, considers Ángel Huerta.

The Mexican economy has a gray outlook for 2023

The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit estimates that in 2023 the GDP will have a rebound of 3%, however that figure seems optimistic, since it doubles the expectations of organizations such as the OECD and the IMF.