FunDo we get fatter by eating fast?

Do we get fatter by eating fast?

Scientists from the University of Athens (Greece) showed in a recent study that eating fast , compared to doing it slowly, reduces the secretion of hormones in the intestine that cause the sensation of being "full" . The reduction of these hormones would lead us to overeat and, therefore, to gain weight.

In the experiment carried out by Alexander Kokkinos and his colleagues at Laiko General Hospital, a series of individuals drank identical amounts (300 milliliters) of the same ice cream at different speeds. The scientists then took blood samples from all the participants in the test, finding that those who had eaten more slowly had higher concentrations of intestinal appetite reducers. Specifically, when the ice cream was ingested in thirty minutes instead of five, the concentrations of the intestinal peptides GLP1 and PYY were higher , which is why the feeling of satiety occurred earlier .

According to the researchers, these results help explain how today's fast-paced lifestyle could be influencing the excess food we consume.

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