NewsDog with sausages rescued from the mud flats by...

Dog with sausages rescued from the mud flats by drone

Dog “Millie” wandered around in the mudflats off southern England. The animal didn’t listen to any calls. Just before the flood started, volunteers had a brilliant idea. They lured the animal out with a drone.

Havant – Volunteer rescuers in England used a curious method to rescue a dog from a mudflat: shortly before the flood, they lured the animal out of the area with a sausage attached to a drone.

“Millie” had broken away on a walk in Havant. Attempts to capture the three-year-old dog failed. After all, a drone pilot had the idea with the sausage, the Denmead Drone Search And Rescue organization said on its Facebook page.

The unusual rescue operation was successful, “Millie” made it back to safe terrain over 300 meters. “Luckily she stayed in the area, so we stopped her from drowning.” The animal then disappeared, but was finally captured two days later.

Würstchen an Drohne


The sausages that ultimately lured “Millie” out of the foreland were attached to these drones.

There was also a sensational dog rescue in Wales. “Reggie” fell into a chasm eight meters deep in mountainous terrain. Firefighters and cave rescuers were initially unable to free the English Springer Spaniel. However, they located the eleven-month-old animal with special cameras and lamps. Several civilians from the area also took part in the rescue operation. With their help, it was finally possible to put a sling on “Reggie” and maneuver him out of the crevice – after 34 hours. dpa

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