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Find out if you are more of a dog or a cat

The importance of knowing yourself

Dogs and cats are indisputably members of our society. Both species are present in a high percentage of homes worldwide. However, coexistence with these pets is not always harmonious. For this reason, unfortunately and not infrequently, it ends up in abandonment. 

Understanding in advance what type of pet and animal best suits our personality and our habits can be an anticipation mechanism that avoids making mistakes and ends up with an animal in the shelter.

Although they seem not very intuitive, a priori, these are the two terms, of Greek origin, that refer to love and  passion for dogs and cats respectively.

It is common for people to define ourselves as people more than dogs or people more than cats. With this assignment in our words there is usually a certain nuance referring to our own habits and personality.

Several scientific studies have evaluated different aspects of personality, in order to find differences, between dog people and cat people.

Many of them are confusing and inconclusive.

However, there is a fairly complete study that evaluates 16 personality traits. The results vary depending on whether they are men or women.

Men: significant differences were found in two personality traits of the 16 evaluated: 

  • Responsibility: men with dogs are more responsible than those who prefer cats.
  • Emotional sensitivity: being greater in cat-loving men than in dog-loving ones.

Women: women have shown significant differences in more variables among the 16 studied depending on whether they consider themselves more cat-like than dog-like.

  • Reflection : Cat women think more carefully before making decisions
  • Self -Reliance – Cat ladies are more self-reliant and independent.
  • Responsibility: dog women are, like dog men, more responsible than cat women.
  • Extroversion: Women who love dogs are more extroverted than those who love cats.
  • Mental strength : in this aspect, dog women who show greater self-control and emotional stability win.

Diversity in nature exists for a reason: if we were all the same in personality, society would not work. 

For example, without prudent people we will not save anything for times of scarcity, but without daring people we will never take risks in order to move forward. Every personality exists for a reason. 

Living with a dog or a cat is not better or worse, it depends on your personality traits and your individuality that, finally, the relationship is happy and lasting.

Although dogs and cats are both excellent pets, they belong to different species. They therefore have different needs and different care.

Knowing in advance the physical and psychological needs of each species, and in particular of each individual, is essential. 

But more fundamental still, it is to evaluate our ability to meet such needs without suffering it as a penance. That is, there must be intrinsic motivation to care for our pet. This is where our personality comes into play.

Of course. They are not exclusive facts. 

Surely you know a lot of people who would not know what they prefer or who live with both species in a happy and healthy way.

We can conclude that living with a dog requires, a priori, a more responsible personality because the amount of care is greater than in cats.

Cat people tend to be more self-sufficient and “cultured”, preferring an animal that does not need so many hours of company a day.

Both species bring many benefits to people who live with them in harmony and happiness, something that they have realized twice, those who do not rule out either of the two species in their day to day. 


Guastello, ADet al. 2017. Personality differences between dog people and cat people. Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin.

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