Can a case of animal abuse spread on social networks be reported?

Social networks have been a technological advance in our society, a tool used by NGOs to denounce, make visible and raise awareness.

Guillermo Palomero, president of the Brown Bear Foundation: 'You cannot do conservation without science'

The brown bear was declared an endangered species in 1973. What is its current status? How many individuals are there? We have spoken with the veteran NGO dedicated to the study and conservation of this species.

Why don't male mice like the smell of bananas?

The smell of bananas causes stress in male mice. The explanation lies in a compound called n-pentyl acetate that is present in the fruit.

Wasps can also be cannibals

Sibling cannibalism seems common in some wasp species, new research has found. The survival instinct is the engine of this behavior.

The evolution of species could be four times faster than we thought

In the context of climate change in which we are immersed, the findings may provide clues to know which species will survive and which will not.

Is zoophilia legal in Spain?

Zoophilia is a prohibited practice in Spain, it is classified as a crime of animal abuse in article 337 of the Penal Code. Despite this, we can find Web pages with publications and videos exclusively dedicated to this practice. Despite being a prohibited behavior, in Spain it has a large number of followers.

The largest fish in the world is the whale shark.

Discover the whale shark, a harmless giant shark in danger of extinction, which feeds on plankton, and is a lure for divers

Why we should speak kindly to animals

A study concludes that animals are capable of distinguishing positive and negative sounds emitted by their congeners but also by humans.


Enel marks the route to a new era of energy in Mexico

Mexico has a great wealth of renewable sources and, with the commitment to create the conditions for a sustainable future, Enel is the energy manager of the leading companies in various industries.

"And a recharge, please": Mexicans lower the amount to recharge their cell phones to 89 pesos due to inflation

The Ciu consultancy expects that this amount will even drop to 87 pesos in the following months "due to inflationary pressure."

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