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Dogs simply abandoned in the forest – leaving poultry carcasses for food

Road users discover two dogs on a country road. The animal rescue team reacts immediately, but a dog flees.

Kirchheimbolanden – A dog owner has apparently abandoned two Kangal sheepdogs near the town of Kirchheimbolanden in Rhineland-Palatinate. According to the police, the animals have since roamed through adjacent wooded areas. On Saturday (September 11th, 2021) they were finally seen several times by road users on a nearby country road.

According to police information, the dogs are in poor condition. Together with the animal rescue team, the officers therefore went in search of the Kangal sheepdogs in the forest and, after an intensive search, were able to catch the bitch. She was then taken to an animal shelter. The other dog, a male according to the police, has not yet been caught.

Kangal Shepherd Dogs exposed: male flies when attempting to approach

The male was seen several times on the following day in the area of Landstrasse in Rhineland-Palatinate, but always fled into the forest when approaching requests. Since the Kangal Shepherd Dog keeps walking on the road, the police ask road users to drive particularly carefully in the area.

The police and animal rescue services assume that the animals have been abandoned. An indication of this is that when the Kangal Shepherd Dogs were abandoned, a number of poultry carcasses were apparently deliberately put down as food for the dogs. Investigations into a violation of the Animal Welfare Act have already started. Witnesses who can provide information about the possible dog owner or the whereabouts of the male dog are asked to report to the Kirchheimbolanden police in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Kangal Shepherd Dogs are believed to be dangerous in two federal states

In Germany, Kangal Shepherd Dogs are classified as presumably dangerous dogs in the federal states of Hamburg and Hesse *. There it is imperative to obtain permission to keep the animals. The kangal may have descended from nomadic herd guard dogs, and is still used today to protect flocks of sheep or as a guard dog. In Turkey, the Kangal is bred and used as a service dog.

Just recently, a kitten was only a few weeks old in Frankfurt *. It was in poor shape, but the animal rescue service didn’t give up hope. In the end there was a happy ending. (msb) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA .

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