NewsDomina outfit: Sophia Thiel unrecognizable at the Wacken Festival

Domina outfit: Sophia Thiel unrecognizable at the Wacken Festival

Created: 08/06/2022 11:39 am

Fotocollage: Sophia Thiel mit Tattoos auf Wacken.
Sophia Thiel is completely changed at the Wacken Festival. © Screenshots Instagram/sophia.thiel

Is that really Sophia Thiel? The influencer showed herself completely changed when she visited the Wacken Festival. Thiel wore tattoos, black make-up and a vinyl corsage all over his arms.

Wacken – Sophia Thiel (27) is usually known as a fitness and mental health influencer with long blonde hair and sportswear. The woman from Rosenheim also shows herself in front of the camera without make-up. During her workouts, the blonde doesn’t listen to chart hits, but motivating metal music. Thiel now also optically adapted to this style of music.

Sophia Thiel suddenly shows up with black make-up and arms full of tattoos

The reason for the idea of changing the look was a visit to the well-known metal festival “Wacken”. Sister Bella Thiel and friend Raphael Bircher are also there, the Thiel sisters took a ten-hour drive to do it. Days before, Sophia Thiel spoke of how much she was looking forward to the festival and even had nails made with black flames in the studio beforehand.

But that’s not all. Sophia Thiel paid another visit to her trusted beauty salon, where her hair was braided, her eyes were made up black and her upper arms were decorated all over with temporary tattoos, which look deceptively real.

Sophia Thiel transforms into a rocker bride for the Wacken Festival

Arriving at the festival, the 27-year-old also films herself and shows her choice of clothes: a black vinyl corset, wide black pants and sturdy black boots. You don’t know Sophia Thiel that way! Her sister also adapted to the rocking look. In her Instagram story, the blonde is beaming and seems to be enjoying the music weekend. Unlike most visitors, they don’t camp in a tent, the Thiel crew have their own caravan on the site with a kitchen, bunk beds and bathroom.

On the social platform, Sophia Thiel once again made it clear that she did not want to make fun of anyone with her temporary change of look, but rather celebrate the music and this look very much herself. She knows all too well that you have to be careful about how you come across online – and so does one of her good friends, Cathy Hummels. The two trust each other and know what it’s like to be in the public eye. After her cryptic online statement “Must stay my secret”, Hummels was afraid of the consequences. Sources used:

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