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Don't get too smart: Profeco launches these recommendations if you are going to celebrate the Grito in clubs and bars

This September 15, the celebrations for Independence Day begin in Mexico. Some people take the opportunity to celebrate by going to a public square, family reunions, to the different events that take place in the mayor’s offices and municipalities, however, others also prefer to go to a bar, restaurant or club.

The Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office ( Profeco ) issued a series of recommendations in order for consumers to be vigilant and avoid being victims of some bad practices that are carried out in certain establishments.

“If you want to get up early, report it to Profeco” is the motto with which the agency seeks to protect the consumer and not worry about anything else in these national holidays.

What are the recommendations when going to clubs and bars?

The owner of the Profeco, Ricardo Sheffield , published on his social networks a chart with the main recommendations for those who want to visit the clubs and bars to celebrate on these national dates.

In this regard, he pointed out that consumers must take note of their rights and enforce them , so if any local wants to breach, they must report to the agency.

Clubs, bars and restaurants can NOT:

*Do not ask for minimum consumption for the use of a table
*Make up prices, all must be displayed or on the menu
* Discriminate at the entrance by deciding who enters and who does not
*Require a tip or charge for the service and less with intimidation
* Charge commission for making payment with card

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