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Prepare your pocket: this will cost to prepare the pozole due to inflation

The national holidays are a week away and in Mexican homes the brainstorming begins to know what dishes will be prepared, if it is not that in some it is already very clear what is going to be served. However, given the inflation that exceeded expectations when it reached , there is also a dilemma before enjoying Mexican cuisine and taking care of your pocket.

In the September Consumer Magazine, the Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco) explains how much the budget should be if you intend to serve pozole, one of the most popular foods for this date. If you are thinking of making this dish, take note and prepare your wallet.

How much money is spent to make pozole?

Profeco’s budget contemplates a dinner for 10 people. The ingredients necessary for the preparation of the dish contemplated in the analysis are:

  • One kilo bag of hominy corn
  • Pork head 1kg
  • Pork backbone 1 kg
  • Radishes 1 bunch
  • Romaine lettuce 1 piece
  • Lemon ½ kq
  • Garlic 1 head
  • White onion 3 pieces
  • Oregano 100g
  • Piquin chili 100 g
  • Laurel 2 leaves
  • Whole black pepper 4 peppers
  • Salt 100g

In addition, four accompaniments were proposed:

  • Corn toast 1 package of 25 pieces
  • Bulk cream 1 kg
  • Bulk cheese 1 kg
  • Jamaica water (4 L) 100 g

Only the ingredients for the pozole would be 248.51 pesos. If you decide to add accompaniments, you must add 110.31 pesos more to the bill, so the total bill would be 358.82 pesos, that is, 35.88 pesos per person.

Other popular dishes to give “the scream”

According to the Fiestas Patrias survey, carried out by De las Heras Demotecnia, the pozole is positioned as the favorite dish of Mexicans for this season, with 51%. But there are others that are also made in Mexican homes:

  • Toast (27%)
  • Quesadillas and sopes (10%)
  • Pambazos (5%)
  • Chiles in nogada (3%)
  • Tamales (2%)

Finally, 2% of those surveyed do not remember what dish is prepared on this date at home.

Where do Mexicans celebrate?

The same survey indicates that 72% of Mexicans usually celebrate national holidays in a house, either with friends or family.

13% go to public squares, 3% to restaurants or bars and 12% do not celebrate.

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