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PROFECO will be monitoring gasoline, as they have a 100% subsidy this week

The head of the Federal Consumer Attorney’s Office (Profeco), Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, reported on the fuel prices that prevailed during the past week in order for consumers to obtain a better view of the places where they can charge their car and take care of their finance.

At a press conference headed by the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, from the National Palace, the federal official detailed the gas stations where fuel is obtained at a better price.

During the past week, regular gasoline was sold at an average of 22.12 pesos, Premium gasoline was sold at 24.19 pesos and diesel at 23.57 pesos.

“With good news for truckers, this week there are 100% incentives for the three fuels, premium, diesel and regular gasoline. This is because the international market continues to be a bit erratic. We are taking care that this tax incentive goes to consumers, that no gas station owner who wants to go overboard gets it,” explained Sheffield Padilla.

Which gas stations sold the most expensive gasoline?

With a record from October 3 to 9, the federal prosecutor explained that the brands that offered the most expensive fuels were the following:

  • Chevron
  • Redco
  • Arco

Meanwhile, he announced that the three brands identified as “consumer allies” were:

  • BP, which lowered the price quite a bit in its national averages
  • G500
  • Orsan

The most expensive and the cheapest

The highest price of regular gasoline with the highest margin was in Escárcega, Campeche of the BP brand , 23.98 pesos, with a margin of 3.50 pesos per liter; contrary to the one offered in Tesoro, in La Paz, Baja California Sur with 21.89 pesos.

The diesel with the highest margin was sold at a Pemex franchise in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, with 24.98 pesos per liter, while in Tampico, Tamaulipas it was offered at 22.79 pesos, belonging to the Pemex franchise.

In the case of premium gasoline, the highest price with the highest margin was found in the municipality of Irapuato, Guanajuato of the Shell brand, with a price of 25.99 per liter, while in Othón Blanco, Quintana Roo it was offered at 23.06 pesos.

Prices without taking into account the margin:


  • Valero: Atlixco, Puebla: 20.19 pesos
  • BP: Atlixco, Puebla: 20:35


  • Pemex: Tejupilco, State of Mexico: 24:49 pesos
  • Pemex: New Town, Durango, 24.43 pesos

More expensive:


  • Pemex: Hermosillo, Sonora: 26.56 pesos
  • Pemex: Guadalajara, Jalisco: 26.50 pesos

Finally, the head of Profeco explained that 435 complaints or reports were received through the Litro por Litro app, of which 359 verifications or verification visits were carried out, highlighting that employees of two of them did not want them to be carried out. inspections, one is located in El Marqués, Querétaro and another in La Paz, Baja California.

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