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Basic basket in 1,038 pesos? This is what it should contain

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said last Tuesday that he is already working for the price of the . The foregoing is based on the expansion of the Package Against Inflation and Scarcity (PACIC).

Although according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), the basic basket is made up of 85 products, the one the president refers to is the one established by the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco), which consists of 24 items .

The basic basket that the government intends to cost 1,038 pesos until February 2023 is made up of the following:

  1. Edible vegetable oil 1 piece of 946 ml
  2. Rice grain 1 kg
  3. Tuna in oil in flakes (max. 5% soy) 2 cans of 140 g
  4. Standard sugar 1 kg
  5. Beef 1kg
  6. White onion 1kg
  7. Jalapeno chili 1kg
  8. Pork meat 1kg
  9. Black beans 900 grams
  10. Chicken egg 1 pack of 18 pieces
  11. Toilet soap 1 pc
  12. Salad tomato 1 kg
  13. Cow’s milk 5 liters
  14. Lemon 1kg
  15. apple 1kg
  16. Banana 1kg
  17. Box white bread 1 package of 680 grs
  18. White potato 1 kg
  19. Toilet paper 1 bag of 4 pieces
  20. Soup paste 1 package 220 grs
  21. Chicken meat 1 kg
  22. Sardine in tomato canned 1 can of 425g
  23. Supermarket corn tortilla 4kg
  24. Carrot 1kg

On Monday, the head of Profeco, Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, presented the weekly report Who’s Who in Prices of Basic Necessities. Self-service stores in the basket of the 24 basic products that Mexican families consume the most, below 1,000 pesos, with Merco in Monterrey, 971.85 pesos, and S-Mart in the city of Chihuahua, 982.08 pesos.

The highest prices, in contrast, were reported in Aguascalientes, State of Mexico and Baja California, of up to 1,165.30 pesos per package.

He commented that the National Consumer Price Index for beverages and food has had a constant increase, as have prices around the world; however, he trusted that the price of the basket of the 24 products will be no more than 1,039 pesos until February 2023, as established by the expansion of the PACIC, announced on October 3.

Are alcoholic beverages included in the basic basket?

Although among the 24 products contemplated by Profeco there are no alcoholic beverages and these cannot be paid with food vouchers, in the basic basket established by the Inegi one is considered, beer.

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