News"Double standards": Cathy Hummels' brave body shaming photo criticized...

"Double standards": Cathy Hummels' brave body shaming photo criticized by her own fans

Created: 10/20/2022, 6:44 p.m

Cathy Hummels campaigns against body shaming online. But for her latest photo, there is criticism for the moderator. The accusation: double standards.

Munich – Cathy Hummels (34) is committed to fighting body shaming. The influencer has been campaigning for a positive image of herself and others for years. The 34-year-old also wants to draw attention to the topic with her latest Instagram post, but Cathy Hummels probably didn’t expect the reaction of some fans – because they remember an interview in which she left out the appearance of a famous star .

Cathy Hummels takes a stand against body shaming

In her latest Instagram post, Cathy Hummels can be seen lying in a pile of leaves. Spicy, because obviously the “Battle of the Reality Stars” presenter has nothing on top. Her upper body is only covered by a few leaves. “Everyone looks different, but comments #BodyShaming are taboo and just hurt,” said little Ludwig Hummel’s (4) mother.

While many of her fans celebrate Cathy for her statement, there are also some negative comments under the post. “Then please don’t describe the appearance of the Kardeshians as grotesque (as happened in the SWR podcast) if you expect others not to judge external appearances,” said one follower. The background: Cathy Hummels is a guest in the SWR podcast “1 Plus 1 – Friendship on Time” (episode from October 12, 2022) and talks to Heinz Strunk about ideals of beauty.

Cathy Hummels
Cathy Hummels is against body shaming – but with her last post she splits the web © IMAGO / Future Image & Instagram: cathyhummels

Cathy Hummels slammed for body shaming Kim Kardashian

When it comes to Brazilian butt lifting, Cathy talks herself into a rage. Autologous fat is injected into the buttocks to make them bigger. US star Kim Kardashian (41) has probably the most famous butt lifted. And Cathy Hummels is now saying: “Sorry for saying that, but that’s partly grotesque!” The 34-year-old also has a clear opinion on Khloé Kardashian (38): “They had their ribs taken out, That’s tough!” While she wouldn’t condemn the surgeries, she sees a danger that many young girls are emulating the Kardashians.

Cathy cannot convince her own fans with this statement. “Well, that’s where the double standard comes through,” comments one follower. “According to your own definition, it’s really nasty body shaming and unfortunately it thwarts the great campaign, right?!”, finds another. She herself has not yet commented on the allegations. Most recently, however, Cathy Hummels revealed that she had lost 15 kilograms because of her depression. Sources used:; SWR3: 1 Plus 1 Podcast (Episode from October 12, 2022)

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