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"Driving young people into gambling addiction": Oliver Pocher shoots against streamers MontanaBlack and Knossi

Created: 09/17/2022 11:34 am

Oliver Pocher and Amira Pocher pick the next person in their new podcast episode. This time MontanaBlack and Knossi get their fat off. They would “encourage gambling addiction” with Twitch.

Cologne – Oliver Pocher (44) and his wife Amira (29) return to their favorite pastime, criticism, in their latest podcast episode “Die Pochers” on Podimo. “GamesCom”, the world’s largest trade fair for computer and video games, which last took place in Cologne from August 23rd to 27th, will be discussed. There, a scuffle took place among online players, which led to the Pochers also shooting against famous Twitch streamers.

Pochers refer to gamers as “core assistants”

At GamesCom 2022, three online streamers insulted each other, sometimes becoming violent, as can be seen in a network video. Oliver Pocher thinks: “There are a lot of core assistants, you have to say.” So the comedian also talks about the two most famous figureheads who have become famous with streams of online games: Knossi (2 million Twitch followers ) and MontanaBlack (4.7 million Twitch followers).

Fotocollage: MontanaBlack, Oliver Pocher und Knossi.
Oliver Pocher is now also shooting against MontanaBlack and Knossi. © Philipp Schulze/dpa; screenshot; IMAGO/C. Hardt/Future Image

“That’s really dangerous, because it’s actually gambling addiction that you’re promoting and it’s just not really legal,” he trumpets his opinion. “And they are then covered and drive a lot of people into gambling addiction and also make a pseudo-fun program,” said Pochers, a rather blatant accusation.

Success platform Twitch

According to figures from for 2021, around 30 million people click on the Twitch streaming site every day. On average, there should be about 2.8 million people at the same time. About 75 percent of the viewers are between 16 and 34 years old.

Oliver Pocher accuses MontanaBlack and Knossi of promoting gambling addiction

“Not just young people, we also know people in public life who don’t do so well with one or the other wrong friend,” adds the Pocher wife cryptically. The Pochers don’t leave anyone out again, now Germany’s most famous online streamer is caught.

Recently, Oliver Pocher made a name for himself because he repeatedly positioned himself publicly against the World Cup in Qatar, and he even released a critical song about it. Now Pocher traveled to Qatar himself and even stated that he “cannot rule out” that he himself would fly to a game of the German team. Sources used : The Pochers/Podimo/Episode 24; IMAGO; dpa;

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