NewsDrunk or in a good mood? Fans discuss video...

Drunk or in a good mood? Fans discuss video of babbling Sarah Engels

Created: 08/04/2022 06:57 p.m

Sarah Engels lacht im Hotelzimmer und Julian liegt im Bett
Sarah Engels and Julian fooling around at the hotel at night © Instagram/sarellax3

Sarah Engels seems to be having a lot of fun on vacation. While her children are sound asleep, she fools around with Julian in the hotel room. The singer can hardly stand on her feet because of her laughter.

Hawaii – After tired comes silly. This can also be clearly seen in the recent Instagram post by Sarah Engels, who is fooling around in the bedroom with husband Julian in the middle of the night. The singer walks around the foot of the bed pretending to walk down a flight of stairs. Sarah Engels gets a mighty fit of laughter.

Sarah and Julian Engels fool around on vacation

Sarah Engels is currently vacationing in Hawaii with her husband Julian and their children Alessio and Solea. In the evening, when the children are already sound asleep, the young couple’s party begins. Sarah Engels can hardly stand up laughing. Before Julian can even explain what the video is about, Sarah Engels gets a big laugh.

She can no longer stand properly and has to hold on to the door frame. She doesn’t get a single word out either and fans can only guess what Sarah wants to tell them in the video: “I think we still have a bottle in the basement. Shall I get you a bottle from the cellar?” she asks her Julian. Then the mom of two sets off, pretending to walk down a flight of stairs at the foot of the bed.

Sarah Engels’ laughter is contagious: fans hardly get along anymore

On the last step, she slips and can’t stop laughing. Julian and her followers are also infected and celebrate the singer for her authentic style. Others write: “No matter what you take, give me some too”. Whether the two are drunk or just so tired that they are already silly cannot be deduced from the short clip. But it’s definitely funny.

Instagram-Kommentare mit lachenden Emojis
Sarah Engels fans can hardly stop laughing and flood the comment column with laughing emojis © Instagram

If you walk around in the sun all day long, you can quickly get a bad sunburn. Sarah Engels also has to find out when she reports to Instagram with a bright red face. Both the cheekbones and the shoulders of the singer are completely burned. Sources used: Instagram/sarellax3

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