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Duchess Kate in recycling fever: She has already worn everything about the look

Duchess Kate’s wardrobe follows its own rules. Their style secrets are often based on thrift. That’s why the British call her “Thrifty Kate”.

London – “Thrifty Kate” or recycling queen is what the British call Duchess Kate (39), who has earned both nicknames over the years. She loves to wear outfits and accessories more than once and has another style secret that, as a busy senior royal, enables her to do a lot with little effort.
Always look wonderful and save time and money, that’s what the Duchess of Cambridge does, reveals

In the green floor-length Jenny Packman sequin dress, glamor curls worn on the side and sparkling gold accessories, the Duchess looked stunning on the arm of her husband Prince William * (39) and was the eye-catcher of the evening when visiting the Royal Variety Performance.

The fact that Duchess Kate * was a repeat offender when wearing both the floor-length robe and the golden Zenyu Chandelier Hoop earrings from Missoma for around 150 euros is unlikely to have been noticed. But she actually wore both during her tour of Pakistan for an evening at the National Monument of Pakistan in Islamabad two years ago.

Style secret number two of the Duchess of Cambridge: It is not for nothing that she is known for her exquisite, rather classic style *. The favorites of the mother of three, from her Alexander McQueen dresses to her festive Catherine Walker coats, also have a timelessly beautiful character. If Kate were to tend towards exclusive one-offs, she would not be able to purchase parts of her wardrobe twice in two different colors, as she often does.

The daughter-in-law of the heir to the throne Prince Charles (73) presented herself in a red Catherine Walker cloak dress and shimmering diamond and sapphire fringed earrings that she had borrowed from Queen Elizabeth II (95) when she was the organizer of the Christmas concert arrived at Westminster Abbey. The coat dress was a repetition. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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