NewsDuchess Meghan: Not even her compatriots like her better...

Duchess Meghan: Not even her compatriots like her better than Kate

No home advantage for Duchess Meghan: In popularity polls, Duchess Kate is ahead of her sister-in-law in the United States.

Montecito – Duchess Meghan (40) often doesn’t do particularly well in the British press. Anyone who concludes that Duchess Kate is at a disadvantage in the United States is mistaken. Because now the Duchess of Cambridge (40) is competing with the former actress in a survey in “The Sun” in the United States. Although she was never there, Duchess Kate is more popular in the United States than Duchess Meghan, reveals

According to a recent survey, Duchess Kate* is the most popular duchess – with which she clearly positions herself in front of Prince Harry*’s lady of the heart (37). As the British “Sun” reports, the Duchess of Cambridge is said to have secured the support of 68 percent of US citizens. Only 33 percent find the Duchess of Sussex* more appealing.

Although the now mother of two is an American by birth compared to her British sister-in-law, aristocrat expert Christopher Andersen (72) believes that the wife of Prince Williams* (39) would offer US residents a larger identity surface.

“Kate has become an even bigger superstar without ever setting foot here,” explains Andersen. “She embodies everything that Americans want in a princess who is to become queen – beauty, grace, royalty, and the ability to socialize.” How Duchess Kate approached the new patronage of the English rugby associations*, which she took over from Prince Harry, should have pleased many US citizens. No matter what royal scandal hits the headlines, Andersen believes the Duchess of Cambridge is above it all.

If what royal expert Kinsey Schofield (36) claims is true, it is a particularly bitter pill for Prince Harry’s wife. She says: “Meghan wanted to be America’s queen”. Although there are always rumors that Prince William would have given his wife a trip to New York for her 40th birthday, the information has not yet been confirmed. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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