NewsDuchess Meghan on US talk show in a good...

Duchess Meghan on US talk show in a good mood

Duchess Meghan inspires the audience at a talk show appearance in the USA. She fooled with hostess Ellen DeGeneres, talked about Harry, Archie and Lillibet and also adopted a serious tone.

Los Angeles – Duchess Meghan demonstrated a lot of humor, quick-wittedness and openness on the US talk show by Ellen DeGeneres. In the show, the Duchess of Sussex got involved in a joke while shopping at stalls.

Prince Harry’s wife received instructions from DeGeneres via hidden earphones on how to behave. On command, Meghan nibbled on several crackers like a rodent, meditated with a crystal on her forehead and joked with a squeaky voice.

Family life and acting career

The 40-year-old also chatted about her family life in Montecito, California. Harry (37) love it there. “We’re just happy,” said the mother of two. Her daughter Lillibet, born in June, is just getting her first teeth, son Archie loves being the big brother. She showed a photo of Archie in which the two-year-old was watching the chickens in the garden enclosure while they were eating. “I love to cook,” the American revealed to the audience. She’ll cook for herself on Thanksgiving next week.

In the interview, she also recalled adventures from her previous life as an actress when she was out and about in Los Angeles with her “very, very, very old Ford Explorer Sport”. At some point the lock on the driver’s door no longer worked and she had to crawl through the trunk into the car after auditions, Meghan said. “That’s how I got in and out.”

Meghan also shared an anecdote from before she and Harry made their relationship public. In Toronto, Canada, they would have celebrated incognito in Halloween costumes at a party. “The motto was post-apocalyptic. That’s why we all had these bizarre costumes on and we managed to have a fun night of partying one last time, “said Meghan.

Meghan’s commitment to parental leave

The Duchess of Sussex also addressed serious issues, such as her commitment to introducing paid parental leave in the United States. As the mother of two children, she wants to do everything in her power to ensure this is anchored in law in her home country. In October she wrote a letter to high-ranking Democrats in the US Congress with this concern.

On the talk show, DeGeneres and her guest welcomed a single mother from the US state of Tennessee, who had started an action for school children with little money. “Your story touched us so much,” said Meghan. She hugged the woman and handed a check for $ 20,000.

Harry and Meghan broke away from the inner circle of the British royal family in 2020. The couple moved to California. They are involved in several social projects through their organization Archewell. dpa

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