NewsDuchess Meghan wins the legal battle over her privacy

Duchess Meghan wins the legal battle over her privacy

Duchess Meghan wins on appeal in a fight with the British press to reprint a letter to father Thomas Markle. First words after the judgment make you thoughtful.

London – The Duchess of Sussex (40) has been able to decide a lengthy legal battle with the publishers of the “Mail on Sunday” in her favor. She won her lawsuit against Associated Newspapers for violation of privacy and copyright laws in the London Court of Appeals. Parts of a private letter to her father Thomas Markle (77) had been printed. The litigation dragged on for three years. *

Duchess Meghan: She fought for her privacy – and got right

It was not just her victory, said Duchess Meghan * after the verdict was announced. It is a victory “for everyone who has ever hesitated to stand up for their rights”.

Herzogin Meghan strahlt vor Freude (Symbolbild).


Duchess Meghan has reason to be happy: Her perseverance was worth it (symbol image).

Specifically, the decision means that the case will not be heard in court and Meghan can now expect substantial financial compensation from the newspaper group as well as an apology on the front page and the homepage of “Mail Online”.

She hopes her precedent will help reshape tabloid journalism that leads people to be cruel and benefit from the lies and pain they have caused, she continued.

Duchess Meghan: She wants to change the tabloid industry

In her statement, Prince Harry’s wife * (37) accused the press of complicating the case in order to generate more headlines out of greed for profit *. “In the nearly three years that have passed since this matter began, I have patiently endured deception, intimidation and calculated attacks,” she said.

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A text message Meghan sent to former communications secretary Jason Knauf * shows her motivation for the letter to her father. “Even after a week with his father [Prince Charles] and an endless explanation of the situation, his [Prince Harry’s] family seem to be forgetting the context – and stick with: ‘Can’t she just go to him [Meghan’s father] and see to it that that it should stop? ‘”She would have wanted to stand by Prince Harry’s side.

Duchess Meghan: Appeals judge Vos keeps the focus in view

Sir Geoffrey Vos upheld Judge Warby’s decision “that the Duchess had a reasonable expectation of privacy in relation to the contents of the letter,” declaring those “evidence” SMS to be sidelined.

The case is now being referred back to the High Court for compensation claims. With the judgment, however, the legal proceedings are concluded. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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