NewsDuchess Meghan: Your title use causes displeasure in US...

Duchess Meghan: Your title use causes displeasure in US polls

New surveys show that Duchess Meghan’s title after Great Britain is also causing great resentment in the USA. Many think she shouldn’t use it politically.

Montecito – A new poll shows over half of Americans want the Duchess of Sussex to drop her title. Meghan (40) had called senators on their home numbers to advocate paid parental leave. Instead of enthusiasm, her social engagement in US politics caused mostly displeasure, because many consider it inappropriate that Meghan uses her title for it *. There are apparently several reasons for this.

Duchess Meghan: Your title use causes displeasure in US polls

A new poll of 19,000 people on the news site tmz has shown that 62 percent of the Americans surveyed want the Duchess of Sussex to give up her title if she wants to get involved in US politics *. The Express refers to a conversation between British GB News presenter Patrick Christys (31) and showbiz reporter Kinsey Schofield (36).

Herzogin Meghan geht strahlend durch eine applaudierende Menschenmenge (Symbolbild).


Duchess Meghan likes to see herself in the role of a political fighter for more justice (symbolic image).

Christys: “She [Duchess Meghan *] called two shocked Republican Senators on their home numbers to use their influence and get them to vote for family vacation. That didn’t go down well, did it? “Schofield:” Jason Smith, a Republican, told tmz that he thinks the Duchess should give up her title if she wants to push through her political agenda. “

Duchess Meghan: US politician describes the use of the title as “quite ironic”

There are conservative commentators who recalled that the Americans fought a war so as not to have to worry about titles. The wife of Prince Harry * (37), on the other hand, almost threw the title around.

Susan Collins, 68, one of the Republican senators called, told Politico, “To my great surprise, she called me on my home phone and introduced herself as the Duchess of Sussex, which is quite ironic.”

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Duchess Meghan: British royals have traditionally been politically neutral

Republican Congressman Jason Smith (41) told tmz: “If you want to be a royal, you have to be a royal – you can’t have both”. The British royals are traditionally expected to remain politically neutral. The fact that Meghan wants the title, but does not stick to the rules, causes annoyance.

Smith said it would be great if a former movie star lobbyed for US senators. You should better introduce yourself as “Meghan Markle, former stars of Suits”.

The British are also less enthusiastic about the Duchess of Sussex. In polls there, only one royal is unpopular *. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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