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e-tron room: this is Audi's impressive virtual hyper-reality experience

At the moment, it seems impossible that the human being can travel in time. Of course, what we can do now is use technology to enter a digital universe that makes us feel that we are in the middle of the impressive monument of Stonehenge, in the Library of Alexandria in its full splendor, attending the construction of the bridge of Brooklyn, or refueling in the Nevada desert of the late 1980s.

Using the most innovative and sophisticated virtual hyper-reality technology in the world, Audi has for months opened the possibility of recreating these scenarios to the general public with “The e-tron room: the future Paradox” . The German brand opened to the public a unique multiplayer entertainment experience worldwide, coinciding with the arrival on the market of the Audi e-tron Sportback, the new coupe SUV in the e-tron range and the brand’s second 100% electric model. . The decision to offer the public such a hyper-reality experience was a true declaration of intent: Audi wants to lead the future.

The e-tron experience could not be more attractive: not only the participants have had the unique opportunity to live an immersive and cutting-edge hyper-reality experience with the latest available technology; In addition, the format is presented as an escape room , where players can move and explore the digital scene.

A unique virtual reality escape room in the world

The settings chosen over time are full of details. During our visit to e-tron space we became crew members of an interstellar ship that is trapped in the past, with the mission of solving successive challenges until we are able to return to the future. Participants even had a brief experience immersed within an arcade video game (one immersion within another immersion). To help us, a real actor also participated, playing the role of a digital robot, acting as a counselor during the trip.

By completing all phases of the mission, we were able to fix the ship and go back to the future; a future that is already the present, marked by the innovation of the e-tron electric model, which can be admired at the end of the experience.

This is not just any VR experience, but it is a 360º immersion that can even generate true vertigo: everything around us (the ground, the sky, the walls, the rocks, the water …) made us believe that we were truly in the right place: inside a cave thousands of years ago, or flying over the East River in the 19th century.

How is this possible?

The e-tron room has an algorithm that interprets movement in real time . The technology used allows creating a 1: 1 scale avatar of the player, allowing total body immersion: this allows the player to move through a space interacting with various objects while a 360º scene is recreated around you.

The participants had to put on, first of all, the sensors on their hands and feet, their goggles, and a ‘backpack’, which contains all the necessary technology for the dive: it is the HP backpack G2, a new last generation model that It incorporates two high-charge batteries that allow you to maintain an experience of 45 minutes , processing the data constantly. 36 cameras and 28 sensors captured all the movements of the participants, to create a unique multiplayer entertainment experience worldwide.

What is the Audi e-tron like?

Following the presentation of its first electric model last year, Audi has decided to offer this impressive experience to the general public coinciding with the arrival on the market of the Audi e-tron Sportback, the new coupe SUV in the e-tron range and the second model 100. Audi electric%. It offers up to 300 kW (408 hp) of power and a range of up to 446 kilometers (based on the WLTP cycle) on a single battery charge.

After its premiere in Madrid last December, the immersive experience was presented in Barcelona, in the Metrònom space, on January 27, and was open to the general public in Barcelona for free until February 16 . You have more information on the social networks of Audi Spain (@audispain).

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