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“Earlier next time to the doctor”: Annemarie Carpendale as “quadruped” at Taff

The taff presenter Annemarie Carpendale is currently on the road as a “quadruped” in the TV studio. The 44-year-old reveals what happened on social media.

Unterföhring – Since 2005 she has been one of THE faces of the ProSieben * show “taff”: Annemarie Carpendale *. Always well-styled and in a good mood, the 44-year-old presents the latest tabloid news. But in the program on December 13th something was different: Annemarie Carpendale was in the taff studio * as a “quadruped”.

That’s right: as a quadruped. The moderator shared on Instagram *: “Today as a four-footed at taff” and urged her followers * to continue sipping on her pictures in order to understand her picture description. Said and done. Indeed, the following pictures explain their cryptic message. Because the 44-year-old is on the move with crutches. But why?

Taff presenter Annemarie Carpendale as a “quadruped” in the studio

A look at the hashtags under the pictures provide information. Accordingly, the moderator suffered a torn tendon and a muscle tear. The hashtag “Spagat” indicates how these injuries came about: Annemarie seems to have overused her muscles and tendons a bit during a split.

Annemarie Carpendale im Taff Studio mit Krücken


Annemarie Carpendale as a “quadruped” at taff.

Annemarie Carpendale injured: “See a doctor earlier next time”

After she was injured, Annemarie also seems to have made a big mistake: She did not see a doctor. “Next time to the doctor earlier,” the 44-year-old admonishes herself.

The get-well-wishes of their fans are collected in the comments. “Wow, get well soon!” “I wish you a speedy recovery from the bottom of my heart!” And there is no lack of compliments: “Wonderful photos of you!” “You look gorgeous as always!” Most recently, Annemarie Carpendale made her appearance at the “ A heart for children “gala for wild speculations *. (jsch) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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