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Election campaign with Markus Lanz: How the CDU stylized Armin Laschet as a climate protector

The ZDF talk with Markus Lanz is first about the federal election. Then Hendrik Streeck has his say on the subject of coronavirus.

Frankfurt – In less than four weeks we will know who is the new Federal Chancellor. The election campaign is picking up speed shortly before the federal election in 2021 and also determined the discussion in the ZDF talk at Markus Lanz on August 31. Looking back on the first “Triell” on Sunday evening (August 29th, 2021), Eva Quadbeck, deputy editor-in-chief of “Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland”, saw SPD candidate Olaf Scholz as the winner.

With his attempt to make a kind of male copy of Angela Merkel, to exude Buddhist calm and even to imitate the diamond, he has now fought his way to the top of the polls, while Armin Laschet is increasingly panicking. Quadbeck sees the CDU candidate on the verge of self-assembly by Steinbrück, an assessment that Wiebke Winter, a 25-year-old young politician who was appointed to Laschet’s campaign team just a few days ago, understandably does not share. As a climate expert, she is supposed to take care of the content that has often been missing so far, but in the group struggled to give her candidate “insane interest” in the topic of climate protection.

Markus Lanz (ZDF): Olaf Scholz is a “cool guy”

The fact that it was Armin Laschet who only just approved a law that makes the expansion of wind turbines in North Rhine-Westphalia practically impossible, however, could not really invalidate Winter, lost himself in phrases and wanted first and foremost to have recorded what a great team player Armin Laschet is.

While Winter’s enthusiasm could hardly be tamed, the First Mayor of Hamburg, Peter Tschentscher, clearly tried not to become cocky in view of the increasingly convincing polls of his party. He has known Olaf Scholz for 25 years, appreciates him as a cool guy (sic!), But above all as a politician who doesn’t make promises that he can’t keep. “Scholz doesn’t speak much anyway,” Markus Lanz smugly interjected, saying that the election campaign currently boils down to the candidate who makes the fewest mistakes wins.

The guests at Markus Lanz
Peter Tschentscher Politician
Wiebke Winter politician
Eva Quadbeck Journalist
Hendrik Streeck virologist

The corona virus is also a topic in Markus Lanz’s ZDF talk

All of the SPD were able to attest a remarkable unity, which some, especially Wiebke Winter, of course, regarded as an attempted truce that will be over after the election at the latest, while Tschentscher as the result of the jointly agreed plan for Germany.

Well, in a few weeks we will know more, by then it will also be shown to what extent the 2G model works, which was introduced as a possibility in Hamburg in view of the increasing incidence values. A solo effort by the Hanseatic city that looks good on the mayor’s face and shows that consistent, independent policies are well received by the people. In some places, such as small clubs, from now on only those who have been vaccinated or recovered will be admitted, but not those who have been tested. The reason for this decision is, on the one hand, the uncertainty of the rapid tests, but also the fact that an increasing number of people are vaccinated. It is therefore wrong to restrict certain cultural offers, said Tschetschner.

Hendrik Streeck contradicts Peter Tschentscher

He was contradicted by the virologist Prof. Hendrik Streeck, who fears negative effects in the Hamburg 2G model. A subliminal vaccination pressure could be the result, but above all one could say that the risk of carrying the coronavirus is lower in freshly tested people than in vaccinated people. It is known that the vaccination protects against severe disease, but not against the possibility of contracting the virus. Refraining from testing could therefore have consequences, especially in autumn.

In conclusion, Lanz wanted to know whether the slowly increasing pressure on unvaccinated people is further exacerbating the division of society, but while Streeck shared these concerns, Tschentscher contradicted: In Hamburg, a good 80 percent of the over 12-year-olds are now vaccinated, too much potential So there are no longer any “lateral thinkers” and those who refuse to be vaccinated – and one shouldn’t forget that – a very small group that is not growing either. (Michael Meyns)

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