NewsThese corona rules now apply in Lower Saxony

These corona rules now apply in Lower Saxony

Freedom Day largely does not take place in Lower Saxony. New corona rules now apply in the federal state. An overview.

Update from Sunday, March 20th, 2022, 5:23 p.m .: Freedom Day, which was actually planned for March 20th, is canceled in Lower Saxony due to the high number of corona infections. Most pandemic rules will remain in place until April 2nd. A few, on the other hand, are no longer available due to the new Infection Protection Act of the traffic light coalition in the federal government. Lower Saxony’s state government leaves no doubt that responsibility for this lies with the federal government – if it were up to her, it would not be relaxed.

Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) has therefore already appealed to the federal government to give the federal states more options for more far-reaching restrictions, especially with a view to autumn. This must be discussed seriously before the summer break, said the SPD politician on Friday (March 18, 2022). The framework that has now been decided is “certainly not sufficient” in the fall. Because warned: “The pandemic is far from over.”

Eine Frau mit vollem Einkaufswagen trägt FFP2-Maske in einem Supermarkt und greift zum Tiefkühlregal.


A familiar picture: The mask must be worn when shopping in discounters or supermarkets.

All current corona rules in Lower Saxony at a glance

In order to implement at least what is still possible, a transitional period is used in Lower Saxony. Since Saturday (March 19th, 2022) a first level of easing has taken effect before almost all remaining regulations are lifted on April 3rd. The following corona rules now apply in Lower Saxony:

  • Shops: The FFP2 mask requirement in retail continues to apply. No mask requirement at weekly markets.
  • Gastronomy: 3G applies indoors as before. An FFP2 mask must be worn outside, which can be removed at the seat. 2G Plus applies to clubs, discos and shisha bars. What is new is that the masks can be placed here at the seat.
  • Local transport: No more 3G rule. However, passengers must continue to wear an FFP2 mask during the journey and at the stops.
  • Private meetings: All contact restrictions for private meetings are no longer applicable.
  • Events: Soccer games and other major events can again take place without a maximum number of spectators. The 2G rule applies. No more minimum distances or mask requirements at open-air events. For events with a maximum of 2000 spectators, a negative corona test (3G) is sufficient.
  • Hairdressers: FFP2 mask is mandatory.
  • Hotels: The 3G rule still applies in hotels and guesthouses. Indoors, FFP2 masks must be worn in public areas.
  • Leisure: In cinemas, theaters, zoos and amusement parks, 3G and FFP2 masks are still mandatory up to the seat.
  • Schools: Mandatory three tests per week. Primary school children are not required to wear masks during class.
  • Day care centers: The test requirement for supervised children from the age of three will be extended by two weeks. It stipulates that the children or close relatives must submit three tests per week.
  • Retirement and nursing homes: There is a strict 2G-Plus rule (boostered people also need a negative corona test) and FFP2 masks are mandatory.
  • Demonstrations: FFP2 mask requirement.

Corona rules in Lower Saxony: No “Freedom Day” on March 20th – the country goes its own way

First report from Tuesday, March 15th, 2022: Hanover – Lower Saxony wants to maintain the previous corona protection measures and has therefore issued a corona transitional ordinance*. It will come into force from Saturday (March 19, 2022), said a government spokeswoman on Tuesday (March 15, 2022) according to the German Press Agency (dpa). In the course of the week, the ordinance is to be presented to the social committee of the state parliament. Many details are not yet known.

This transitional ordinance should no longer include contact restrictions for people who are not vaccinated against the corona virus. So far, in Lower Saxony, they have only been allowed to meet with two people from another household at private gatherings.

The federal government drops corona protection measures – Lower Saxony defends itself

According to a federal-state decision, many corona protection measures are to be dropped nationwide from Sunday (March 20th, 2022); although the seven-day incidence in Germany is higher than ever during the pandemic. The federal government’s draft for the future rules met with clear criticism in Lower Saxony.

According to the Lower Saxony Ministry of Health, a draft of the new Federal Infection Protection Act states that the federal states can set transitional rules by April 2nd. Lower Saxony wants to make use of this, and other federal states have also announced it.

Prime Minister Stephan Weil* (SPD) had recently said about the draft that the federal states would lose numerous options for action. “We still have hope that there will be improvements in this Federal Infection Protection Act,” said a spokeswoman, according to dpa. However, the government in Lower Saxony does not currently see the possibility of an extension of the previous corona measures by the federal government. (kh/tvd/dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

List of rubrics: © Sven Hoppe/dpa

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