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Electric cars in the cost trap? There is tariff chaos at public charging stations

Are electric cars in the cost trap? Suspected tariff chaos is just one factor that could cause costs to rise.

Stuttgart – The automotive industry now seems to be relying entirely on electromobility. Last but not least, the declared goal of the manufacturer Daimler, which, according to, only wants to produce electric cars from 2030 onwards, provides reason to accept the suspicion. In addition, VW is building an entire plant with “Trinity” just for e-car production * and motorcycle manufacturer Kawasaki will even stop producing combustion models from 2035. Problems such as the supposed scarcity of raw materials for the production of electric cars could pose major challenges for the industry.

As * reveals, however, there is another problem: In 2022, charging electric cars could become increasingly expensive for several reasons.

The charging stations have always caused difficulties for electromobility – be it due to the limited number of e-car charging options. The fact that electricity prices will rise in 2022 * could be just as problematic as the fact that there is tariff chaos at the public charging facilities and that the charging of e-cars can rise to 79 cents per kilowatt hour according to MDR information. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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