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Electricity consumption on the television per hour: that's how high it is

Created: 10/03/2022, 7:09 p.m

When buying a TV, the power consumption is also important. Because a large TV can become a power guzzler. You should pay attention to that.

Kassel – If you want to estimate the power consumption of a television, the technology of the screen is particularly important. Because the energy requirement between LED televisions and OLED televisions, for example, varies significantly. Other factors such as the size of the television and its screen brightness also play a role. User behavior and individual settings also influence the power consumption of the device.

It is not only the purchase of a television that costs money – its operation consumes electricity, which is currently very expensive. © Daniel Reinhardt/dpa/symbol image

TV power consumption: This is how many watts a TV uses per hour

The average television has an output of 100 watts, says energy supplier EnBW. This value also represents the hourly power consumption. Assuming that a television is switched on for three hours a day, the annual power consumption is 109 kilowatt hours, EnBW calculates. If you also assume an electricity price of 50 cents, this results in annual electricity costs of around 55 euros for the television alone. The following properties affect the power consumption of a television:

  • screen technology
  • screen size
  • screen brightness
  • Additional functions such as WLAN
  • standby

Save electricity: Reduce electricity costs for the television

Saving electricity starts with the selection of the television – because there are big differences between the devices. According to EnBW, the screen technologies LED, OLED, LCD and plasma are particularly widespread. All screen technologies therefore lead to different levels of electricity consumption per hour – and are therefore either more economical or more energy-intensive.

Power consumption LED TV About 70 watts per hour
Electricity consumption LCD TV About 100 watts per hour
Power consumption OLED TV About 150 watts per hour
Power consumption plasma TV About 175 watts per hour

The EU energy label of the TV

The performance of a television is specified in watts – including in energy efficiency classes on the EU energy label of the device. The value in watts is also the power consumption per hour of activity.

If you want to save electricity in the household, you should pay particular attention to the energy efficiency class of a television, choose a location without direct sunlight and disconnect the device from the mains when not in use. (cas)

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