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Electricity for 30,000 households: China is building the world's largest wind turbine

Created: 10/25/2022 4:53 p.m

China has produced the world’s largest wind turbine, which could power 30,000 homes in the country. But the Siemens subsidiary is also presenting an efficient prototype.

China – Renewable energies are playing an increasingly important role in times of energy crisis. A wave power plant is currently being tested off the Tasmanian island of King Island (Australia), which could supply the island with electricity for a year. A similar technology is being researched in Great Britain with a floating generator.

For years, however, renewable energies were also ignored. In Germany, for example, the expansion of wind turbines on land is stagnating – but that should change in the future. Things are going differently in China. The largest wind turbine in the world was built there.

Largest wind turbine in the world: Wind energy generates electricity for 30,000 households

With a rotor diameter of 252 meters, China has produced the largest wind turbine of its kind, as the country announced. According to official sources, the nominal energy output is 13.6 megawatts. China also states that the offshore power plant generates 63,400 megawatt hours of electricity per year and can thus supply 30,000 households with energy, as reports.

With a rotor diameter of 252 meters, China has produced the largest wind turbine of its kind, as the country announced. © Screenshot YouTube/CGTN

No wind power plant in the Asia-Pacific region has such an output. According to Futurezone , the report about the record-breaking wind turbine comes just in time for the 20th party congress of the Communist Party and also only a few days after the announcement by Siemens subsidiary Gamesa, which had previously reported a new record performance.

Prototype from Siemens generated more electricity in one day than any other wind turbine

It appears to be a close neck-and-neck race between China and the Siemens subsidiary. With 359 megawatt hours, the Gamesa prototype generated more electricity than any other wind turbine before, as the company announced on Twitter. The nominal output can be increased from 14 to 15 megawatts using a “power boost mode”. The rotor of the Siemens prototype has a diameter of 222 meters and should therefore achieve 39,000 square meters of wind coverage. Series production is announced for 2024.

The performance record for the highest nominal power is still held by the Myse 16.0-242 from the Chinese manufacturer Mingyang Smart Energy. Last year, the wind turbine achieved a wind coverage of 46,000 square meters and an output of 16 megawatts with a rotor diameter of 242 meters. This prototype is even scheduled to go into operation as early as next year.

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