NewsEmbarrassing sentence on DHL notification causes laughter: "Sorry, I...

Embarrassing sentence on DHL notification causes laughter: "Sorry, I have …"

Parcel carriers also make mistakes. An embarrassing confession on a DHL note caused laughter on the internet.

  • A confession on a DHL note causes laughter on the internet.
  • Accordingly, a garden gnome was beheaded.
  • Is the note real or not? Decide for yourself…

Osnabrück – Parcel carriers already have a stressful job. Even more so in the Corona crisis. Mistakes are only human. In this respect, understanding is appropriate if a package sometimes arrives a day later or if there are small breakdowns during delivery. A delivery lady in Osnabrück possibly underwent a totally unusual one several years ago. And documented and posted online by a user of the Jodel app. “Sorry, I decapitated your garden gnome . Sincerely, Sandra,” reads it.

Embarrassing confession on DHL note from Osnabrück calls Sandras on the plan

Whether everything really happened is of course not certain – but there is also nothing concrete to indicate a forgery. Also quite possible: Sandra is not a courier at all, but only used an existing DHL note for the message. The date on the card is 25.3. to see, unfortunately without year. The photo is from 2020, but because it’s so beautiful we wanted to make you smile again.

In the first 29 hours or so, the post on the Facebook page “Jodel – Hyperlokale Community” garnered around 2,800 likes and almost 600 comments. Of course, various Sandras are marked. Or various Sandras also speak up. “I really didn’t do it on purpose and I really felt sorry for the poor dwarf,” writes one with a wink, who is not the real Sandra.

Garden gnome decapitated? “That was Rainer, nobody liked him”

And there are creative or witty reactions. “That was Rainer, nobody liked him,” is just one of them. “When the head is clean off the torso I see it as an improvement on the garden decor,” joked another. Even if there are various speculations and hints: The actual fate of the garden gnome was initially not handed down. And so the bottom line is that it’s just a little smile in these hard Corona times. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Title list image: © Jodel

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