News"Emma": Pope is "Sexist Man Alive"

"Emma": Pope is "Sexist Man Alive"

In reference to the “sexiest man alive” award, the feminist magazine “Emma” chooses the most misogynistic man of the year every year. This time the negative prize goes to the Pope.

Cologne – Alice Schwarzer’s “Emma” editorial team has proclaimed Pope Francis a “Sexist Man Alive 2021”. The head of the Catholic Church is the most misogynistic man of the year for feminist magazine.

Although he also has some positive traits, the 84-year-old Argentine is still the “head of an apartheid system in which women are second-class”, criticized “Emma” in this week’s edition.

“Because of their biological sex alone, they are servants of pious masters and scrub the church floors. (…) Even in the 21st century, the Vatican is at the head of the oldest, most hermetic men’s society in the world. ”With his inaction, the Pope snubbed countless committed Catholics who had fought for decades for the right to become priestesses or at least deacons.

The US magazine “People” chooses the “sexiest man alive” every year, the man with the greatest sex appeal. In reference to this, “Emma” has been the most sexist man of the year for two years (sexist without a second E). Before the Pope, the negative price went to FDP boss Christian Lindner (2020) for indecency in a speech and the rapper Kollegah (2019) for misogynistic texts. dpa

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