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Emotional reunion: Manuela Reimann surprises her grandchildren with a trip to their old homeland

Created: 10/06/2022 04:58 am

“Goodbye Germany” accompanied the Reimanns on their adventures in Texas for more than a decade. The emigrants now live in Hawaii. Now Manuela Reimann has returned to Gainesville to surprise her grandsons.

Gainesville – With “Goodbye Germany”, the Reimanns fulfilled their long-held wish to emigrate from 2006 and moved to the small Texas town of Gainesville for a little over a decade. Konny (67) and Manuela Reimann (54) didn’t stay there permanently – that’s why they went to Hawaii after eleven and a half years. Now the 54-year-old emigrant has returned to her old home for a surprise visit.

Surprise visit to old “Goodbye Germany” home – Manuela Reimann returns to Texas

There were really big feelings in little Gainesville: Hunter, the ex-wife of Reimann’s offspring Jason (32), lives there with their two sons, Kealan (9) and Oliver (6). They see their grandmother Manuela Reimann, who has lived almost 6,000 kilometers away on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu since the end of 2015, less often than they would like.

„Die Reimanns“- und „Goodbye Deutschland“-Star Manuela Reimann bei einem Überraschungsbesuch in Texas (Fotomontage)
Kealan and Oliver are amazed: Suddenly their grandmother Manuela Reimann was standing in their front yard and paid their two grandsons a surprise visit (photo montage) © Screenshot/Instagram/Manuela Reimann

But that’s exactly why the grandmother of four returned to her former “Goodbye Germany” home for a spontaneous surprise visit, which she also partly captured on video for Instagram. The reunion couldn’t have been nicer: “Grandma,” the two boys beam when they return from school and suddenly see Manuela Reimann.

Dream destination O’ahu: The Reimanns have found their paradise on this Hawaiian island

O’ahu is one of the eight main islands of the Hawaiian archipelago and the most populous island in the US state with around one million inhabitants. 350,000 people alone live in and around the capital, Honolulu, which forms the economic, cultural and tourist center of Hawaii. With its spacious dream beaches, numerous luxury hotels and the picturesque landscape, Honolulu is one of the most popular travel destinations in the USA. The trip to O’ahu is particularly worthwhile for enthusiastic surfers and swimmers, but tourists interested in history will also get their money’s worth here: Among other things, the Pearl Harbor military base is located on the island, which fell victim to a surprise Japanese attack in 1941 and thus led to the entry of the USA into waged the Second World War.

Manuela Reimann spends happy hours with her grandchildren – emotional reunion with the boys

The emigrant also brought some time with her for her two grandsons: they go to the playground together, then the three of them fool around in the park and take a few souvenir photos of this successful day. For Manuela Reimann, who recently smashed the rumors of separation about her and husband Konny, the hours with Kealan and Oliver must have been very special, because the 54-year-old is considered a seasoned family man.

A little later, however, the television actress went back to her new home, where husband Konny Reimann was already waiting for his sweetheart. Things are far more restless in the east of the USA: In Florida, some “Goodbye Germany” emigrants are currently struggling with the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Sources used:,

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