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EmTech, the conference on the future of technology from MIT, arrives in Spain

emtechspainTheEmTech conference, which for more than a decade the great annual event of the publicationTechnology Review, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),lands this month for the first time in Spainhand in hand with the Malaga Valley Club. It will be the first time that this meeting focused on theanalysis of the most important emerging technologiesand in what will be its future impact have a replica in Europe. “It will be a place to think about the possibilities offered by the future through the most groundbreaking technologies and the perfect place to meet and listen to all those people who have something to say in the world of technology”, explains Pedro Moneo Director of “It is in technology, research and R + D + i where the keys to getting out of the crisis lie”, adds Moneo.

At EmTech, on October 26 and 27, the future of smart cities will be discussed and how energy efficiency, urban mobility, the use of available urban land and the technology applied to these issues are essential for the evolution of the cities. We will talk about the Internet and its evolution as a tool to store information, share it and change working methods. And of video games and their role as an educational element. Another of the key issues will be nanotechnology and why the next technological revolution will be that of materials. There will be a biotechnology panel where the evolution and impact, on treatments and diagnosis, of techniques such as genetic sequencing will be discussed. And a robotics panel to learn about the future of this key technology for the evolution of scientific research and exploration, whether at a microscopic or spatial level.

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Smart cities, video games and Twitter

Among other speakers, EmTech Spain will be attended by Ryan Chin , a researcher at the MIT Media Lab Smart Cities Group, who focuses his work on environmental protection, energy efficiency and the benefits of “smart customization” of products, leads the development of a new urban mobility system called “Mobility-on-Demand” (MoD) . Chin will present this system, with which future users will be able to move around the city through a network of light electric vehicles that they can use simply by picking them up at the charging stations.

For his part, Othman Laraki , Director of Search and GEO-localization of Twitter, will be one of the speakers who will talk about the future of the Internet. From his position as responsible for the development of one of the most anticipated applications of this social network, he will explain where the implementation of geolocation is and what are the main news that it will provide to Twitter users.

Philip Tan is also the executive director of the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, a successful joint initiative between the government of this Asian country and MIT. Tan and his team investigate the possibilities of video games as an alternative avenue for education , with designs that increase the knowledge base of players and tools that expand creative work. At EmTech Spain, Philip Tan will explain the basis of his research and will bring some of the newest video game prototypes he works on.


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