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End of 'Survivors 2018': Hugo finally hugs his mother on the set

Contestants begin to arrive on the Telecinco set in the grand finale of 'Survivors 2018'. The first to appear before Jorge Javier Vázquez was the Andalusian Hugo. Backstage he had been able to see his brother, who was very surprised by Hugo's physical change, "How thin you are!" the sister commented. Hugo has entered the set and the first thing he has done was to greet his mother, a very special person for him and whom he has remembered throughout his time at 'Survivors 2018' Then the committed moments have come for him. Jorge Javier Vázquez wanted to be very specific in his questions and has made many confessions to the Andalusian. "The worst was the moments with Sofia and hunger," Hugo admitted to those present on set and the spectators at home. Although he also admitted that with Sofia everything is solved and that he wishes him the best, but he wants to focus on his future. Hugo also had words of thanks for the program, “the program has changed me. The experience in 'Survivors' has marked me "he commented excitedly, and admitted that" the moments with Joao have been the best. "To conclude, he explained that he takes the friendship of Sergio, Logan, Romina, Joao and María Jesús, ignoring Contestants such as Sofía, Raquel or Frnacisco, who he has said "has a complicated personality."

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