NewsEngland's most tattooed woman is completely changed - people...

England's most tattooed woman is completely changed – people suddenly react very differently

She is a real social media star and a successful model: Becky Holt. Her tattoos made her famous, but now the 33-year-old shows herself in a completely different look.

Cheshire – Tattoo model Becky Holt is an attraction. 95 percent of her body is tattooed. She is a well-known face in the tattoo scene – and the 33-year-old has also made a name for herself on social media platforms for a long time. Because of her tattoos, she became a celebrated social media star – she received several shoots and requests for cooperation. But now Becky Holt shows herself in a very unusual look – she has her tattoos painted over on her face.

Tattoo model Becky Holt covers her trademark: “I look like a real lady!”

When the model had her tattoos applied by a professional make-up artist after several hours and the 33-year-old looked at herself in the mirror for the first time after several hours, she was completely beside herself. “It looks totally weird! Oh my god I look like a real lady, like a woman! I feel like I’ve lost some of my confidence. My tattoos just make me stronger,” admits the 33-year-old. The whole process could be filmed and has now published a 21-minute clip on the YouTube video platform.

Tattoo-Model und Social-Media-Star Becky Holt zeigt sich nach ihrem Umstyling


Tattoo model and social media star Becky Holt shows up after her makeover

Tattoo model Becky Holt’s makeover: “I like the attention”

When Becky Holt takes to the streets with her tattoos for the experiment to ask passers-by for directions, she gets no attention. People go on – without paying attention to the 33-year-old. After the makeover, the social media star goes back out into the street and tries to ask passers-by for directions again – and they stop. “Without my tattoos, people helped me more than with them – and they were glad that they could help me. I just feel like I didn’t draw any attention to myself at all – and I kind of like attention,” she admitted in the YouTube video. But after the show wrapped, Becky Holt grabbed a facial tissue to remove makeup from her face. She was happy when her tattoos reappeared under the thick layer of make-up.

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