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"Enormously stressed": Andrej Mangold gives up his club in Mallorca after only three months

Created: 08/14/2022, 11:30 a.m

Fotocollage: Im Mai eröffnete Andrej Mangold einen Club. Jetzt steigt er wieder aus dem Projekt aus.
Andrej Mangold opened a club in May. Now he is leaving the project again. © Screenshots Instagram/dregold

A good two and a half months ago, Andrej Mangold invested in the reopening of a nightclub in Mallorca. Now he’s getting out again. He gives personal reasons and also some disagreements with his partners.

Mallorca – Andrej Mangold (35) had big plans in his adopted home of Mallorca. He opened a posh club in Playa de Palma in May, and invited numerous celebrities to the opening ceremony. The former RTL “Bachelor” wanted to create a nightclub with hip-hop and R&B music. Now everything seems to be over.

Stress and unpleasant conversations: Andrej Mangold gives up the nightclub after only two and a half months

The whole thing started a little bumpy for Andrej Mangold’s club: Sam Dylan (31) and Danni Büchner (44) left his club at the opening ceremony “disappointed”. A public dispute ensued.

As Mangold tells in the picture , he has now completely dropped his commitment to the establishment. Enough, over and done with the “Bachelor” club. The 35-year-old explains: “There were many reasons. I had to get into uncomfortable discussions in many areas, although I actually just wanted to please everyone and help. There were a lot of recurring problems, that stressed me out enormously!”

Andrej Mangold draws the line at the nightclub for more private life

Mangold had renovated an old club called “Hello – The Club” in Mallorca and reopened it with the support of Dutch investors. Mangold describes problems with different ideas: “For example, I could not place anyone from my network in the area of DJs and beverage manufacturers because we already had other partners. There also seemed to be someone in the dedicated security company who had legal problems in the past.” He couldn’t have reconciled that with himself.

Andrej Mangold veröffentlicht auch auf Instagram ein Statement zu seinem Ausstieg aus dem Business im Nachtleben.
Andrej Mangold also publishes a statement on Instagram about his exit from the nightlife business. © Screenshot Instagram/dregold

But that wasn’t all: In general, Andrej Mangold underestimated the competition in nightlife and didn’t have enough time to devote himself to the project, since he also spent a lot of time in front of the camera for TV productions, he explains. But there was “no bad blood” with his partners, they parted on good terms, and they will continue to run the club. Mangold is grateful for the experience and now wants to concentrate more on his private life – he “consciously accepts” the financial damage. “Always take good care of your health,” he adds on Instagram.

About his private life, Andrej Mangold recently announced that dating has not been so rosy since separating from his ex-girlfriend Jenny Lange. He can “count on one hand” the meetings he has had since then. Sources used:;

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