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Entrepreneurs ask the Mexican government to give incentives to SMEs so that they can take advantage of this practice

The practice of bringing production centers closer to consumption centers, also known as nearshoring , gains importance in Mexico after the reconfiguration of supply chains in the world, but in the country there are no incentives for small and medium-sized companies ( SMEs) can take advantage.

“There are no incentives as such, what we are working on is that there be incentives for SMEs, which is where incentives are needed, that there is a more dynamic development bank that can be supporting. In large companies, more than incentives, what is sought is that there be facilitation, that there are clear rules, and above all a rule of law”, Francisco Cervantes, president of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), said on Tuesday.

During the first United States-Mexico Binational Convention of the American Society, the businessman explained that regulation issues also need to be improved so that the three levels of government are the same and that all the requirements that are asked of them are only one.

Greater capacity is also needed in industrial parks to take advantage of this moment in which investments are arriving, added Julio Portales, vice president of Constellations Brands, in the panel Nearshoring: a unique opportunity for Mexico.

“In less than a year we are seeing an exponential growth in the number of investments and in the number of foreign trade transactions that are beginning to be generated. Today we are beginning to see in Tijuana, El Paso and Nuevo Laredo an impressive variety of purchases of industrial parks and industrial park developments,” he said.

The president of the CCE added that recently the Mexican Association of Industrial Parks (AMPIP) announced an investment to expand the existence of industrial buildings in the country. “The Chinese decided to come to North America and they understood. There is no longer a square meter for sale in Tijuana.

Nearshoring is simply bringing the production chain closer to the production centers,” said Portales.

He added that the supply of gas and water is essential for the development of business in Mexico, and that the water crisis in the north of the country has not yet been resolved. “They have not found clear solutions to the problem of water supply throughout the north, because basically they make diagnoses and they have not fully understood what is going to happen to the most important factory in the world, if they do not solve their water problems in the next 30 years. The next 30 years the great opportunity is here in North America and the factory of the world is still North America”, added the executive of Constellations Brands.

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