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Esteman makes a sound journey with his new album "If it was born again"

The Colombian singer and songwriter releases a new album, a work where he not only pays tribute to the music that has inspired him throughout his career, but also where he recalls the emotions that made him become one of the most respected artists on the continent.

In the history of music, it is common for great artists, after reaping many successes, to decide to return to their roots, and honor all those things that made them passionate about making sounds, in order to deliver works that become a kind of emotional map that lets us see that, behind a great composer, there is a person like us, with passions and idols to admire.

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Today, Esteman joins this select list thanks to ‘Si Volviera A Nacer’, his new LP and the fourth in his prolific career. After earning a reputation as a songwriter and singer since 2012, the year of his debut , the artist releases an album that, according to him, is unique.

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“It is an album that celebrates and pays tribute to different musical eras, which have forged my artistic identity ,” says Esteman. And he continues: “I love the sounds of past decades, so I decided to appropriate some of them and place them in the current context, thanks to contemporary producers such as Juan Pablo Vega, Adan Jodorovsky, Marian Ruzzi, Andrés Rebellón and Pablo Escallón , to whom which I not only admire, but with which I have a special chemistry to work with ”.

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To all this, he adds: “ ‘Si Volviera A Nacer’ is a sound journey through the 60′s, 70′s, 80′s and 90′s, but unified by the same essence: they are themes that can also work with a base simple guitar and voice, in addition to having lyrics that evoke a feeling of nostalgia through personal stories and many others that speak of the human condition. To achieve this, I worked hand in hand with great composers, such as Claudia Brandt, Ximena Muñoz, Juan Pablo Vega, Alberto Arcas and Daniela Azpi , among others, who helped me to obtain the result I was looking for ”.

The result is ten songs that embark on a sonic journey through time. The album’s homonymous theme, “Si Volviera A Nacer”, is an acoustic song that flirts with the Latin American folklore of the 60s, added to a rhythm typical of 21st century world music.

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Thus, Esteman delivers one of the great jewels of 2021, where in addition to all the aforementioned collaborators, he is joined by such iconic voices as those of Lila Downs, Miranda, Daniella Spalla, Rozalen, Josean Log, Marco Mares and Paula Pera.