NewsEx-hotel worker warns: "Never eat from the breakfast buffet"

Ex-hotel worker warns: "Never eat from the breakfast buffet"

Created: 2022-09-02, 2:18 p.m

Frühstücks-Buffet (Symbolbild)
How hygienic are breakfast buffets? In America, an ex-hotel employee reports on frightening conditions (symbol image). © Imago/ Arnulf Hettrich

A TikToker, who claims to have worked in various hotels for 15 years, reports on unhygienic conditions at breakfast buffets. What’s up with the allegations?

Knoxville – A hearty breakfast is a must for most people on vacation. Buffets, where there is a large selection of hot and cold dishes, are particularly popular. Former hotel worker Brandi Augustus from the USA is now sharing an experience on TikTok that could spoil your appetite for a holiday meal. As she reports in a video, she has around 15 years of experience in the hotel industry – about which she sometimes has nothing good to say. More than 1.6 million people have already watched the video entitled “Eat nothing from the breakfast buffet”, and thousands have commented on it.

“If your hotel offers a hot continental breakfast — eggs, waffles, or something like that — don’t eat it,” warns the Knoxville, Tennessee, woman. As she later told the New York Post , she began her career as a receptionist and night clerk in upscale hotels and then switched to lower-priced accommodations. She obviously bases her criticism on this.

Ex-hotel employee unpacks: old baked goods and disgusting waffle station

According to her description, her supervisor in a hotel taught her to use only one paper towel to clean dishes and tables all night. The justification was that it was “environmentally friendly”. As Brandi Augustus emphasizes, she did not follow the instructions, but was still very surprised.

According to Augustus, the handling of baked goods was of particular concern. “No gloves were used and hands weren’t washed — and that was food taken from the buffet the morning before,” she told Jam Press . “So who knows how many hands have touched it all.” Bread and pastries were often “recycled and carried around for days”. Sausage should also be avoided – according to her, it was often old and partly gray.

What shocked the ex-hotel employee the most: The waffle station. On the one hand, this was cleaned irregularly by the employees. On the other hand, leftover dough was reused and already smelled “of beer”. “When I was told to smell the waffle batter to see if it was still good, I lost all hope,” Augustus said. “It upset my stomach as the batter smelled faintly but the container was only a little over half full – and instead of wasting the old batter I was told to just mix in new batter and the smell would go away .”

After Brandi Augustus’ disgusting confession about American hotels: What is the situation in Germany?

Since Brandi Augustus’ report refers to American hotels, one might ask what the situation is like in Germany. The Travelbook portal asked the DEHOGA Bundesverband (German Hotel and Restaurant Association) about this. As spokeswoman Stefanie Heckel emphasizes, good hygiene practice has top priority in the German hospitality industry. In the case of self-service buffets, it is crucial, among other things, not to interrupt the cold chain of sensitive foods. When it comes to hot food, a suitable warming temperature is important. Hotel kitchens would also have to adapt the quantities on offer to demand.

According to Heckel, the hygiene practice at breakfast buffets in Germany is regularly checked. “In the case of serious violations, there are sufficient and severe sanction options. Businesses that endanger the health of guests due to a lack of hygiene should be closed,” said the spokeswoman.

Hotel horror: Other insiders also warn of hygiene traps

Meanwhile, Brandi Augustus isn’t the only one unpacking about the hotel industry. For example, a maid warned against using folded toilet paper. An expert in pest control also has a tip for hotel guests: you shouldn’t put your suitcase on the floor there.

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