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Exceeded expectations: wave power plant supplies an entire island with electricity for a year

Created: 08/19/2022 3:02 p.m

An Australian company gained important insights from long-term testing of a hydroelectric power plant. This not only exceeded expectations, but is also particularly efficient and simple.

King Island – The dimensions of Russia’s war in Ukraine have now also arrived in Germany. Hardly any gas comes into the Federal Republic from the east. Experts have long been sounding the alarm that the gas supply will not be enough for the winter. As a result, electricity prices are also rising. Municipalities are called upon to save energy where possible.

The government is now realizing that the expansion of alternative energy production is still lagging. Instead of expanding wind turbines, the nuclear power plants in the country are to be reactivated. However, a test from Australia shows that there are other options that could also be used for Germany: Here, a wave power plant supplied an entire island with electricity.

Wave power plant in Australia exceeds operator expectations

The wave power plant UniWave 200 is operated by the Australian company Wave Swell Energy (WSE) and is located off the Tasmanian island of King Island (Australia). The technology has now been able to convince in long-term tests that have been carried out and has even exceeded the expectations of the operators. The wave power plant converted around 50 percent of the wave energy into electricity, even in different sea conditions, as reported by .

Wasserkraftwerk Uniwave 200
The hydroelectric power station Uniwave 200 of the Australian company Wave Swell Energy is located in front of the Tasmanian island of King Island. © Screenshot Facebook/Wave Swell Energy

According to company boss Paul Geason, the system generates a sustainable electricity yield of around one megawatt hour within 24 hours in regular sea conditions. This corresponds to an output of 40 kilowatts. The fact that the construction works in the harsh environment of King Island is a success for the operators. Because: Structures in the sea present the designers with immense challenges. The salt water and the harsh conditions attack components and quickly lead to rust. Movable components in the construction also complicate the whole thing.

Wave power plant is characterized by special efficiency and simplicity

As the tests showed, however, the hydroelectric power station is particularly characterized by its efficiency and simplicity. The system does not generate the energy, as one might assume, by the movement of the water, but by the movement of the air between the water surface and a wind turbine. There is also no danger to nature and sea creatures, since there is no interference with the ecosystem through flaps, turbines or the like. All components that are in the water are fixed and immovable.

But the WSE wave power plant is not only suitable for generating electricity, it can also be used for hydrogen, for the operation of desalination plants or in water protection systems. Because the Australian company also sees great potential in this and not only wants to use its technology to generate renewable energy, but also to protect against coastal erosion with constantly rising sea levels.

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