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Excellence in service and technology: winning formula in car insurance

The car insurance industry is complex, since economic, legal and even regulatory aspects converge in it. For a company to transcend in the sector, apart from having control over processes and offering competitive costs, it must provide customer service with the highest excellence, such as that which has characterized Quálitas in its more than 25-year history.

Undoubtedly, the company of Mexican origin, which has been leading this segment in the country for 15 years, has managed to meet both premises, thanks to its wide range of packages with coverage for any type of car and its constant improvement in customer service. of their insured. Although, technology has also made a difference.

As a result, the insurer —which recently appeared in the ranking “Super Companies 2022: The places where everyone wants to work”— maintains service excellence through the development of technological tools for its clients and Agents.

Apps and platforms for claims attention

· QMobile. With this app, policyholders can report an accident or request roadside assistance, among other functions.

· Express setting. Application so that the insured can be treated immediately without waiting for the adjuster, as long as there are damages that are included in the Material Damage coverage and there are no third parties or injured parties involved.

· Assistant for the Insured. The insured can view the route of the adjuster in real time and the time in which it will arrive.

· Digital File. The documentation of the claim, all digitally via email. (Note the digital file is only the documents generated in the claim, at the moment it is not possible to generate procedures by this means).

· Determination of Total Loss. Alert with the requirements to deliver, in case the car is declared a total loss, after a mishap.

· Conclusion of the Adjuster. Summary of what happened on the cruise, which is transmitted to the user or main service channels.

Apps and platforms for tracking claims

· Q Compensation. Portal to carry out the process of a total loss remotely, speeding up review and payment times.

· Q Tracking. Allows you to view everything related to claims reports.

· Qual. First virtual customer service assistant in the Mexican market; It allows, among many other functions, to report a claim, disclose important information for office users, deductibles, repair times and follow-up to the claim.

Other notices to improve the service

Finally, something little known, but which becomes a great differentiator for the company, are the notices for the insured, for fleets and for Agents.

These range from informing if a stolen car was located and how to collect compensation, if the required spare parts arrived at the workshop or even notifications of issuance, renewal and cancellation of policies. With all this, it remains at the forefront of service excellence.

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