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INTERprotección chooses Google Cloud as a technological ally

The digital transformation has made it possible to make all the processes of our daily lives more efficient, and thanks to the alliance of INTERprotección, an insurance company with more than 40 years of experience in Mexico and Latin America, with Google Cloud, users now have advantages such as a greater offer of personalized products.

As a technological ally, Google Cloud facilitates the advanced use of cloud solutions and helps INTERprotección in its mission to take the complexity out of insurance.

In this way, can now use the scale, security and the possibility of employing advanced technologies of the Google cloud to expand its offer of personalized products according to the needs of its clients, expand its business opportunities by enabling its solutions to other companies in the insurance industry, accelerate its digital transformation and continue to raise awareness among Mexicans about the importance of being protected.

“Our goal is very clear, we want to bring insurance to everyone in a simple and clear way, eliminating the perception that insurance is complicated and full of fine print,” said Alonso Pallarés, director of Digital at

In Mexico, 92,582,812 people are affiliated with health services, whether in the public or private sector, which represents 73.5% of the population, however, the remaining percentage seek to receive care by other means, but require products that are focused on your needs, so INTERprotección’s alliance with Google Cloud will facilitate your search when hiring insurance, and not only for medical expenses, but for other services as well.

The main pillars of this agreement are:

Greater assertiveness in connecting customers with products: INTERproteccion will adopt analytics solutions such as the Customer Data Platform to be more assertive in connecting its customers with products and services, according to their needs, in addition to guaranteeing the privacy and security of their personal information.

Innovation in the insurance industry: will strengthen its technological infrastructure to make its services and digital solutions available to other members of the industry through APIs, with the aim of accelerating and simplifying insurance contracting processes. This capability will be powered by Apigee, Google Cloud’s API manager, which makes it possible to design, secure, analyze, and scale organizations’ APIs.

Implementation of best practices: the experience and global approach of Google Cloud will be used to accelerate the digital transformation between the various business areas of INTERprotección, so that users will have greater ease when taking out insurance.

Through the implementation of these tools, it consolidates itself as a pioneer in the insurance industry with the highest level of personalization, thanks to its 100% digital processes.

Julio Velázquez, General Director of Google Cloud, stated that it is really satisfying to support INTERprotección to become the best insurtech , thanks to the data analysis and innovative products that they provide to their clients, both business and end consumers.

“Google Cloud enables organizations across industries, including insurance, to bring the best of Google Cloud to accelerate the innovation, performance and availability their products require to meet new consumer demands and exceed market challenges. challenges they face in their sector,” said Julio Velázquez.

In this sense, through the improvement of digital processes, will also achieve another of its objectives, which is to get closer to the new generations through better benefits and affordable products and to facilitate experiences for users when looking for a medical expenses insurance, Car Insurance, Pet Insurance or other services offered by INTERprotección.

You can check the digital platform that takes the complexity out of insurance.

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