Health insurance

Insurers in Mexico in the face of the impact of COVID-19

Three of the most important insurance companies in the country worked during the pandemic to find hospitals for their sick clients, the challenge going forward will be to be sustainable. is inspired by Spotify to place health insurance

Through a freemium plan, seeks to offer indemnity coverage to those who pay for insurance, and in turn provide free services to those who cannot afford it.

Sofía Belmar leaves the general management of Metlife Mexico

The insurer appointed Belmar as Business Development and Transformation leader for Latin America, and will be replaced by Mario Valdés as of July 1.

COVID treatment is 40% more expensive for men than women

Insurers say the cost of treatment for men, with medical insurance, averages 496,000 pesos compared to 290,000 pesos for women.


Last Minute: Peñoles loses more than half of its profits due to lower sales and inflation

The miner's gold production fell 17.2% in the second quarter compared to the same period last year

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Know all the benefits that this UPS initiative offers you

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Endometriosis: This diet can relieve symptoms

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