NewsFamily dispute over money escalates: father wants to kill...

Family dispute over money escalates: father wants to kill son

In Mainz, a dispute about money gets completely out of hand. Finally, the police use a taser on a 55-year-old father.

Mainz – A family dispute escalated violently in Mainz at the weekend. The argument went so far that a father threatened to kill his son. The son is said to owe his father money, as reported by the Mainz police.

What happened? On Saturday evening (01/15/2022) the dispute is said to have occurred around 9:40 p.m. According to witness statements, the father armed himself with a knife that is believed to be about 20 centimeters long. The father is said to have taken public transport from the Bretzenheim district to Mainz Neustadt. There he hoped to meet his son – and apparently planned to kill him.

Family dispute in Mainz: Father threatens to kill his son

The 28-year-old son alerted the police. A short time later, a patrol actually found the 55-year-old father in Neustadt in Mainz, not far from where his son was staying. The emergency services asked the man to raise his hands. But the 55-year-old did not comply with the request, instead he suddenly reached “in the upper part of his trousers”, according to the police report. Police forces were forced to use a taser. They then handcuffed the father and arrested him.

When the man was searched, the all-clear was quickly given: it turned out that the man was not or no longer carrying the knife. The 55-year-old was not injured by the use of the taser, as reported by the Mainz police. The officers continue to investigate.

In Mainz, a man rioted in a pub* in December. He then fled – but a previous attempt to flirt quickly exposed him to the police. (spr) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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