Family dispute over money escalates: father wants to kill son

In Mainz, a dispute about money gets completely out of hand. Finally, the police use a taser on a 55-year-old father.

Investigations after death: Police illegally use data from Luca app

In Mainz, the police illegally access data in the Luca app after a death. The company condemns the investigators' actions.

Man suddenly disappears without a trace: the police are puzzled

A man from Wiesbaden is missing. The police are looking for clues and ask for help.

Mainz Rosenmontagszug canceled again due to Corona

For the second year in a row, the corona pandemic stops the high point of the crazy season in Mainz. There is no other option than to do without the Rose Monday procession, says the club president.

Fatal accident in the middle of Mainz: public bus runs over scooter drivers

Accident in Mainz: the driver of a scooter gets under a bus and is fatally injured. Police forces block the affected street.

Corpse found in Mainz: police name new detail – investigations are ongoing

A body is found in Mainz-Laubenheim. The Kripo starts an investigation. At present, third-party debt cannot be ruled out.

Missing young people in Mainz: police suspect

Missing in Mainz: The police are looking for a 16-year-old.

Virologist Streeck accuses politician Lauterbach of "splitting"

Hendrik Streeck and Karl Lauterbach are joint guests at Maybrit Illner in the ZDF Talk. Actually, it's about Corona and possible easing - but then it gets personal.


Fire in Berlin's Grunewald: situation still not under control – Autobahn before opening

Several embers continue to blaze in Berlin's Grunewald. Firefighters are attempting to bring the fire under control. The news ticker.

Mats Hummels shows up after BVB victory in the popular Dortmund park

After BVB's victory against Leverkusen in front of 80,000 spectators, defense ace Mats Hummels mingled with the crowd on Sunday - his son Ludwig was also there.

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Firefighting tanks in action during a major fire in Berlin-Grunewald: World War II bombs ripped out of their holders

In the middle of Berlin, a major fire is raging at a police storage facility for explosives. Now special technology should help in exploring the exclusion zone. The Grunewald News Ticker.

Entrepreneurial women and megatacos, this is how they work at the 'Las Muñecas' taqueria

"Doll, doll, what will you want?" We made a visit to this place where, by tradition, only women work.