NewsMissing young people in Mainz: police suspect

Missing young people in Mainz: police suspect

Missing in Mainz: The police are looking for a 16-year-old.

Mainz – A young person is missing in Mainz. The police asked the public for help, but said they had suspicions where the 16-year-old might be.

Luna Marie R. disappeared since Saturday (October 9th, 2021). The missing person is probably on her black bike in the Mainz area, reports the police. Luna Marie R. is 164 centimeters tall, slim and has blonde, chin-length hair.

  • The missing person should wear the following clothes:
  • black and white striped sweater
  • black t-shirt with stars, sun, moon
  • a black mini skirt
  • black and white fishnet tights
  • black sneakers

Missing young people in Mainz: Police collect clues

The police do not publish a picture of the missing persons from Mainz, nor their full names. Anyone who can provide information about their whereabouts should contact the emergency number 110, the Mainz Criminal Police Service (telephone number: 06131 653630) or any other police station. (chw)

A man from Mainz-Kastel is also missing. The police are in the dark.

Corpse found in Mainz: police name new detail – investigations are ongoing

A body is found in Mainz-Laubenheim. The Kripo starts an investigation. At present, third-party debt cannot be ruled out.

Virologist Streeck accuses politician Lauterbach of "splitting"

Hendrik Streeck and Karl Lauterbach are joint guests at Maybrit Illner in the ZDF Talk. Actually, it's about Corona and possible easing - but then it gets personal.

Fire on the 14th floor: Police evacuate high-rise in Mainz

A fire broke out in a high-rise building in Mainz. An apartment on the 14th floor is on fire. The emergency services evacuate the building. It is unclear whether there are still people in the building.