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Family father loses job because of Corona and goes cleaning – then he wins 50 million in the lottery

A family man loses his job during the corona pandemic and works as a cleaner. A little later he wins 50 million euros in the lottery. He needs the money more urgently than ever.

Melbourne – This man was apparently a good deal of luck in misfortune: A family man from Melbourne, Australia lost his job during the two lockdowns. He bought a house shortly before the pandemic. He had no choice but to go cleaning. Then suddenly he won the lottery: 80 million dollars, the equivalent of 50 million euros.

As reported by Dailymail , the chance of winning was one in 134 million. The man typed all the numbers correctly and hit the jackpot in the Powerball lottery.

Lottery winner: “There is so much we can do with this money!”

The money comes at just the right time for the Australian and his family, which has been plagued by the crisis. “I’m definitely interested in paying off the mortgage and other bills,” he said. “There is so much we can do with this money.” Now the anonymous winner wants to offer his children a better life.

In Hesse, too, a man had only recently cleared a record win of 90 million euros (* FNP reported) on the lottery. * FNP is an offer from IPPEN.Media.

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