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FDP politician “threatens” his son who showers too long: “Habeck will get you”

Created: 07/28/2022, 09:38 am

FDP-Politiker Rülke hat besondere Erziehungsmethoden (Archivbild).
FDP politician Rülke has special educational methods (archive image). © Uli Deck/dpa/picture alliance

An FDP politician from Mannheim chatted about his upbringing methods. If his son doesn’t react, Rülke threatens to go to the Economics Minister.

Mannheim – Hans-Ulrich Rülke, leader of the FDP parliamentary group in Baden-Württemberg, has special tactics to get his children to save energy. “One of my sons takes too long a shower. When he was little, his grandma threatened that the northern bald ibis would get him. Now I threaten him: Habeck will get you,” Rülke told Mannheimer Morgen . The RND also reported on this.

However, he gives households hope when prioritizing. “First the economy has to switch off, then it’s the turn of private households,” explained the FDP politician. Rülke also commented on extending the life of the three nuclear power plants that are still active, which are actually supposed to be shut down at the end of the year.

Nuclear power plants: Next FDP politician wants lifetime extension

“Six percent of gross electricity generation comes from nuclear power, in Baden-Württemberg it is currently around 25 percent. We also use nine percent of the gas to generate electricity. If you keep the three nuclear power plants running beyond the end of the year, we can save a lot of gas,” he said.

Simone Peter, President of the Federal Association of Renewable Energy, warned against exaggerated expectations of the continued operation of nuclear power plants. “From a purely technical point of view, nuclear power plants cannot replace what gas-fired power plants can do,” Peter told the Rheinische Post .

Former leader of the Greens: Nuclear energy is displacing renewable capacity

In addition, it leads to “a massive displacement of renewable capacity from the grids”. Rather, the potential of renewable energies must now be exploited, the former Green Party leader demanded. Domestic biogas can contribute even more.

“And when it comes to power supply, there are many wind and solar projects in the approval process that can be connected at short notice,” said Peter. “In our view, this should be checked as a matter of priority.” Extending the service life of the remaining nuclear power plants would only replace 0.6 or one percent of the natural gas.

Nuclear power plants: Peter has safety concerns

Peter also raised safety concerns. Necessary tests have not been carried out in recent years due to the impending exit. These would first have to be made up for in order to guarantee the safety of the population. (mse/afp)

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