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Fear of kidnapping: King Willem-Alexander's daughter can no longer leave the house

Created: 10/16/2022, 4:50 am

Let’s go. The Dutch Crown Princess Amalia has to vacate her student apartment for security reasons. Queen Máxima and King Willem-Alexander face threats against their daughter.

Amsterdam – Because of threats directed against her, the Dutch Crown Princess Catharina-Amalia has moved out of her student accommodation in Amsterdam. The 18-year-old has moved back to the palace in The Hague and is only leaving to attend courses at the University of Amsterdam, the royal family announced on Thursday.

The state visit to Sweden was overshadowed by threats against Princess Amalia

Her father, King Willem-Alexander (55), spoke of a “very difficult” situation for his eldest daughter during a state visit to Sweden. “It has a huge impact on her life,” said Queen Máxima (51) according to the news portal AD. Catharina-Amalia can neither go out nor continue her life in Amsterdam. The worried parents immediately took their child back to Huis ten Bosch, the seat of the royal family in The Hague .

Harter Einschnitt für eine 18-Jährige: Kronprinzessin Catharina-Amalia der Niederlande kann aus Angst um ihr Leben das Haus nicht mehr verlassen, ihre Eltern Königin Máxima und König Willem-Alexander sind entsetzt (Fotomontage).
Hard cut for an 18-year-old: Crown Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands can no longer leave the house for fear of her life, her parents Queen Máxima and King Willem-Alexander are horrified (photomontage). © Patrick van Katwijk/dpa & Hans Punz/dpa

“It’s not nice to see your child like that. She can go to university, but that’s about it,” Mama Máxima regrets for her eldest. She cannot lead a student life like other students enjoy. “Amalia can go to university, but that’s about it. I’m really very proud of her for sticking through it all,” she added. Catharina-Amalia is studying a combination of politics, psychology, law and economics in Amsterdam in her first year and is aiming for a bachelor’s degree.

State visit of the Dutch to Sweden

The Dutch royal couple are currently on a three-day visit to Stockholm, Sweden. Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, King Carl XVI. Gustaf of Sweden and King Silvia of Sweden, take part in a roundtable to discuss how to build a sustainable, resilient and economically stronger Europe.

Are Princesses Alexia and Ariane also threatened with kidnapping?

No further information was given on the nature of the threats against the Crown Princess. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte (55) spoke of a “terrible” situation. He was “very concerned,” he added on public broadcaster NOS. Justice and Security Minister Dilan Yesilgöz-Zegerius (45) turned on Twitter: “I guarantee that our security authorities will work day and night to ensure their security,” she wrote about the acute situation around Amalia, but did not take part in speculation Mafia influences.

The Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reported last month that security measures to protect the princess had been stepped up for fear that criminals could attack or kidnap the 18-year-old. The heir to the throne rarely gave an insight into her life at the university. Amalia does not yet receive an allowance from the state treasury and wants to complete her studies as a private individual. Whether daughter Alexia von Orange-Nassau (17), currently at UWC Atlantic College in Wales, is threatened was not discussed. Nesthäkchen Princess Ariane (15) still lives at home.

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