NewsFelipe & Letizia from Spain: Ex-employee reveals piquant palace...

Felipe & Letizia from Spain: Ex-employee reveals piquant palace details

A former employee of King Felipe and Queen Letizia spoke about his time at the Zarzuela Palace on a podcast. Surprising details came to light.

Madrid – At the end of the year, Felipe (53) and Letizia of Spain (49) have to grapple with new headlines. A former employee spoke about his work in the palace in a podcast and did not mince his words. * reveals what the ex-employee had to report about his time at Felipe and Letizia.

Everyone is talking about a podcast about the Spanish royal family. For an episode of "XRey", an ex-employee of the Royals who wanted to remain anonymous, remembered his time in the Zarzuela Palace and revealed some exciting details. Apparently the insider was working for the royal family when the rumors about Juan Carlos I (83) and his then lover Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein (57) continued to boil. Letizia and Felipe, according to the statements of the ex-employee, suffered a lot from the situation at the time and tried desperately to somehow save the reputation of the crown. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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