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Ferfried Prince of Hohenzollern is dead: "Foffi" dies at the age of 79

Created: 09/29/2022, 7:51 p.m

Ferfried Prince of Hohenzollern has passed away. As “Foffi” he was best known for his relationship and TV show with Tatjana Gsell. She mourns her ex.

Munich – Ferfried Prinz von Hohenzollern should be known to German TV viewers primarily under his nickname “Foffi”. As the Hohenzollern family confirmed to Bild and Bunte on Thursday evening, the TV star died in the night from Monday (September 26th, 2022) to Tuesday (September 27th, 2022) at the age of 79 in the Großhadern Clinic in Munich.

Ferfried Prinz von Hohenzollern is dead: he caused a stir on reality TV

“Foffi” became known in particular for his relationship with the ex-escort girl Tatjana Gsell (51). The two came together in 2004, although von Hohenzollern was officially still in a relationship with his wife Maja Synke Meinert (50). They were then seen together on RTL in 2006 in their program “Tatjana & Foffi – Cinderella becomes a princess”.

Fotocollage: Ferfried Prinz von Hohenzollern 2011 vor Gericht und 2006 mit Tatjana Gsell.
Ferfried Prince of Hohenzollern is dead. © dpa/Daniel Karmann and Eventpress/Mathias Krohn/IMAGO

Much later, Gsell gave insights into this time: “We were together for two years. And I’ll be honest: the first year it was a relationship, yes, a love affair. But we were too different. Last year we only worked for the media,” RTL said.

The Hohenzollerns

The Hohenzollerns were once one of the most important family dynasties in Germany. The name comes from the seat of the line, Hohenzollern Castle in Swabia. The princely family provided the burgraves of Nuremberg from 1192, the margraves and electors of Brandenburg from 1415, the dukes from 1618, the kings of Prussia from 1701 and the German emperors from 1871 to 1918. At the end of the First World War there was a fall, after the dissolution of Prussia in 1945 the family property was nationalized. The possessions in Swabia remain in family hands.

Tatjana Gsell “very sad” about the death of Ferfried Prince von Hohenzollern

Now “Foffi” is dead, a cause of death is not yet known. Tatjana Gsell said to “I am very sad about Ferfried’s death! I do not want to say more.”

In 2018 Tatjana Gsell moved into the jungle camp. She looked very different than before. Sources used:,,,

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