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Fictional events taking place in 2020


Many works of science fiction have been set throughout the 21st century (from the years 2001 to 2100). About to launch a new decade, we can already say that many of the predictions made in this period have become obsolete.



While there is no single accepted definition of science fiction, this term generally evokes worlds that differ from our own as a result of new scientific discoveries, new technologies, or different social systems. Then analyze the consequences of this change. Due to this broad definition,science fiction can be used to reflect on questions related to science, politics, sociology, and philosophy as well as any questions about the future.

Why is it sometimes difficult to distinguish science fiction from fantasy? Because the definition of science has changed dramatically over time, as Arthur C. Clarke wrote:“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Since there is no single definition of what exactly science fiction is,there is no way to find out which one the first science fiction story would represent. Lhe majority of religious texts and poems have elements that are also found in science fiction, especially those that describe the creation or destruction of the universe, and many gods are associated with powers that science fiction has used since then. In fact, even Plato’s “Republic” includes themes that we can relate to science fiction when talking aboutthe realms that we cannot experience with our senses.

Throughout much of human history, lhe society did not change fast enough that the people of that time could imagine a different futureto which they were living. Furthermore, we know that many areas of the planet were still unexplored …

Science fiction is important because it considers worlds that are logically possible (to explore our place in the universe, for example, as2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke), also because it inspires people to become scientists (Edwin Hubble himself wanted to be a scientist after reading Jules Verne’s novels) and last but not least,science fiction is the only genre that describes how society could develop in different ways.It is the first step towards progress, as it allows us to imagine the future we want and consider ways of working to achieve it. It also makes us aware of those scenarios that we want to avoid and helps us -in a way- to prevent them.


Today we review some of those events described for 2020.


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